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What is the sense of “Networking” in the phrase “community networking”? I presume it is in the social sense rather than the engineering sense.


I agree we need more time than a short session because there is a lot of learning and, perhaps, more unlearning.


If we are to achieve more of … part of the question is more of what. This is why I use terms like “connectivity” and “infrastructure” rather than “the Internet” or even because those terms tend to limit us to more of the same and to framing the issues in terms of physical objects and problematic constructs like spectrum [sic]. 


So the first topic is understanding the question. What is an articulate version of the yearning for more “Internet” and how we can we get more of the secret sauce. I do argue that, at this point, the issue is primarily economic and also escaping the framing of the web and “access”. We don’t even have open infrastructure for the first billion let alone the rest … but that’s a longer discussion. This is why I’m focusing my current efforts on an economic/business model for an infrastructure that isn’t “pay to speak” nor the concept of authorization.


So, yes, a (social, educational) networking event would be great. 


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Luca and All –


Given the amazing energy around this great workshop, and that so many people may be in one place.


I wondered – should we take advantage of all of the great people coming to Guadalajara and hold a day-long Community Networking event?

We could focus in greater detail on topics related to:

-Community Building/Getting Started

-Business Case/Sustainability

-Tools for setting up networks/The “How”

-Tools for training/The “How” and sustainability

-Software/Hardware Tools

-Spectrum issues

-Legal/policy (as related to spectrum or authorizations)



We could do it before, during, or after the IGF. 

Or, if this complicates things – we could find another event – maybe ICTP has something in early 2017 where we could gather, meet/discuss.


Talk to me ;)






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Subject: [DC3] IGF workshop proposal accepted!!!!


Hi all, 

this is just to say that our proposal has been accepted!!
Thanks to all those who have participated in the elaboration of the proposal.

FYI, here are the workshop-proposals evaluation results  <http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/igf16-workshops/igf2016-workshops-evaluation-results> http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/igf16-workshops/igf2016-workshops-evaluation-results

All the best

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