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Tue Nov 29 16:30:12 UTC 2016

http://rmf.vc/TEDx2016Video is a temporary link to the talk I gave at TEDx
this month. I tried a different approach to explaining connectivity in 13
minutes. I'm open to questions and suggestions about how I can better
explain it. This is the raw video - The TEDx people will be posting a more
polished version for wider sharing when they finish the post-production


I plan to use some elements of the talk for my IGF presentation as I try to
explain that the Internet is not something far away but rather something
people create themselves and is as much for local connectivity as reaching
distant places. The main challenge is to get past the telecommunications
narrative that drives so much of today's policies and metrics. For example
the idea of accessing an Internet somewhere makes it seem like just another
long distance company. In fact, in the US you used to both choosing your
long distance carrier and your Internet provider in the same way. As I try
to explain the Internet has little to do with traditional telecommunications
except as just one more resource we can buy rather than running new wires.
The key is to moot the business model and the very idea that bits are
physical objects carried as precious cargo. 


More later .


Bob Frankston




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