[DC3] IGF Workshops (was RightsCon Meeting)

nico at libre.ws nico at libre.ws
Wed May 23 16:37:30 UTC 2018

On 2018-05-23 12:25 AM, Carlos Rey-Moreno wrote:
> I think we should present several workshops, according to the topics
> selected, and then adapt the DC3 Workshop to the topics that were not
> chosen by the secretariat. In that sense, I'm glad to see Harris'
> efforts on one of the topics mentioned below. I volunteer to try to put
> together another around partnerships with stakeholders, people wanting
> to contribute there, please write me off-list.

Great that you can present another one Carlos!

> Maybe someone else can
> put together the one of o "let the unconnected speak for themselves"? I
> think that one can be very appealing to the secretariat, with the only
> caveat of the funding.

Indeed... not much time and so many things to do.
Hopefully someone can present it.

> With the GisWatch this year being about community networks, there will
> be other session to be creative around this. Not sure if Leandro and
> Nico were referring to specific communities, but maybe we can use part
> of the GISWatch session for authors from those communities that are not
> represented in these spaces to share their difficulties.

Indeed, many of them are being included in the GISWatch, and many others
have been grouped in the ISOC CN-SIG group.


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