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Hi all, sharing the the May's edition of the CN newsletter that we are
curating from APC. We have more than 250 subscribers now. If you have
stories we would like us to include in the next numbers, please send them

One of the highlights (for me personally :-D) in the newsletter is the
article on "South Africa became the first country in the region to support
community networks <https://www.apc.org/en/node/34705/>" a results of years
of advocacy from Zenzeleni Networks.




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May 2018
Image by Zenzeleni Networks.
Welcome to the sixth monthly round-up of developments impacting your local
access networks.
1. Get involved

   - Northern Public Affairs, in collaboration with the Internet Society,
   is pleased to release a call for contributions to the Fall 2018 special
   issue of NPA Magazine focusing on emerging developments in community
   networks among Indigenous peoples in North America. Read more
   - APC internship opportunity for an African community networks project.
   Read more
   - The Internet Society is inviting applications for individuals
   interested in the Introduction to Network Operations Course. The course
   will be run monthly in English and French with the registration beginning
   on the third Monday of every month and closing on the last Wednesday of
   every month. The current application closes on 30 May 2018. Applicants
   applying in this window will take the course from 4 June to 9 July. Read
   - Digital Citizen Summit session proposals are being accepted until 15
   June 2018. One of the relevant themes of this summit in relation to
   community networks is “access and inclusion”. Read more
   - All stakeholders are invited to submit proposals to hold workshops at
   the 13th Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to take
   place in November/December 2018. An announcement is expected imminently on
   the exact dates and venue of the meeting. The deadline for workshop
   submissions is 27 May 2018, 23:59 UTC. Read more

2. Call for grants

   - The Beyond the Net Medium and Large Grants Programme is still open for
   applications. Read more

3. Events and conferences   *3.1 Upcoming events*


   Whose Knowledge?: Decolonizing the Internet conference, 17 and 18 June
   in Cape Town, South Africa. Read more

   Sarantaporo conference: Building the community in community networks.
   Read more

   Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium, 18-20 June in Santo Domingo. One
   major theme will be “capacity building needs and policy interventions
   particularly on community-based ICT development”. The programme can be
   found here
   . Read more

  *3.2 Resources from past events*


   Video of the panel at RightsCon: “Addressing the digital divide in
   Indigenous Communities in North America”. Watch here

   Summary from Steve Song about the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global
   Summit 2018 in London, with observations around Africa. Read more
   and other resources from past DSA events can be found here

   Shernon Osepa (ISOC) speaks about community networks in a session about
   internet infrastructure resilience at the 14th Caribbean Internet
   Governance Forum in Suriname. Watch here

   Some of the presentations that took place during the “Mesh is in the
   Air” (formerly Battle Mesh) meeting in Berlin are linked to the different
   elements of the agenda. Read more
   videos of the presentations are also available. Watch here

4. Community networks in news and blogs


   South Africa becomes the first country in the region to support
   community networks. Read more
   support for @ZenzeleniNet and #communitynetworks in the Budget Vote from
   @DtpsZA in Parliament last week. Hoping other countries in the continent
   follow the example! Read more

   [En español] Un camino por el acceso de las comunidades: de los
   telecentros a las redes comunitarias, por Florencia Roveri de Nodo TAU,
   Argentina. Leer más

   Empowering local communities to build, maintain and expand their
   community network. Read more

   'Anti-authority' tech rebels take on ISPs, connect NYC with cheap Wi-Fi.
   Read more

   Dustin’s internet community roadtrip: In the Bay Area, what redwoods can
   teach us about the internet. Read more

   Sovereignty is more than a designation, it is a responsibility. Read more

   [Em portugués] No canal no YouTube do Projeto de Redes Comunitárias do
   Nupef tem vídeos novos pra assistir! Assista aqui

5. Relevant articles on technologies and other resources related to local
access networks


   [En Français] Wi-Fi hot spots to be implemented throughout Togo. Read

   Investing in Last-Mile Internet Connectivity Initiatives: Opportunities
   for social and commercial returns. Read more

6. Regulation

   - Indigenous Community Telecommunications
   a civil society association in Mexico, has withstood an important legal
   the right of indigenous communities to establish and manage their own
   community networks of mobile phones and internet. Read more

   The Democratic Republic of Congo’s National Assembly adopts a new
   Telecommunications Act. Cellcos handed LTE licences. Read more

   Innovative Licensing Approaches: Enabling access in hard-to-reach places
   through collaborative partnerships. Read more
   - Community Networks in the EU Parliament - A panel on “Obligations for
   small providers” with Evangelos Ouzounis, Head of Secure Infrastructure and
   Services, ENISA; Bruno Veluet, CEO of Leonix, Paris-based B2B ISP member of
   AOTA; Caty Nymann, Chair, Communication Networks Regulation Working Group,
   DIGITALEUROPE; and Panayotis Antoniadis, co-founder at NetHood. Watch

7. Reports and publications
*7.1 Reports relevant to community networks and local access initiatives*


   Decolonising the internet: Second International Cyberfeminist Meeting
   (15 March 2018, Salvador, Brazil). The group adopted a set of principles
   including principle #4: “The promotion of alternative networks self-managed
   by communities.” Read more

   Unleashing Community Networks: Innovative licensing approaches. This
   paper by ISOC builds on their “Spectrum Paper” and focuses specifically on
   innovative licensing options for community networks. Read more

*7.2 Academic updates related to community networks*


   Gwaka, L. T., May. J., & Tucker, W. Towards low‐cost community networks
   in rural communities: The impact of context using the case study of
   Beitbridge, Zimbabwe. E J Info Sys Dev Countries. 2018; e12029. Read more

   Leader Brenda Vilas Boas, “An EPICS Adventure: Bringing Telephone and
   Internet Service to the Amazon”, IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine. Read

   Tonny Okwonga from the non-profit organization BOSCO Uganda presented at
   the ICT4D conference in Lusaka, Zambia, on Empowering refugees: livelihood
   enhancement through ICTs. Read more

   Call for academic papers for the 2019 IFIP WG 9.4 Conference
   “Strengthening Southern-driven cooperation as a catalyst for ICT4D", with
   two tracks that might be of interest: “ICT4D for the Indigenous, by the
   Indigenous and of the Indigenous” and “Communities, ICT-Enabled Networks,
   and Development”. Deadline for papers is 3 September 2018. Read more

   The 1st Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS
   2018), formerly ACM Dev (where many academic papers on community networks
   were presented), will take place on 20-22 June 2018 in California, USA.
   Papers of potential interest to community networks are: Adaptive Threshold
   Setting for Determining Spectrum Occupancy in TV White Space (note); DIY
   Model for Mobile Network Deployment: A Step Towards 5G for All (note);
   Information-Centric Multi-Access Edge Computing Platform for Community Mesh
   Networks (paper); Nation-State Hegemony in Internet Routing (paper); and
   Zyxt: A Network Planning Tool for Rural Wireless ISPs (paper). Read more


   The ICTD 2019 Conference will take place 4-7 January 2019 in Ahmedabad,
   India. A call for participation with papers/posters is open until 22 July
   2018. Read more

8. Software releases for community networks


   There are plenty of new releases coming out of the Mesh is in the Air
   meeting. We just put together a list with a few of them, but you are
   invited to go and pick your favourite. Read more

   1. Mesh Routing Simulator
   A simplistic mesh routing simulator to sketch algorithms and edit mesh
   2. Mesh Testbed Generator
   Config-Mgmt. for OpenWRT (ImageBuilder) for setting up a homogeneous
   network (i.e. for testbeds).
   3. OpenWISP 2
   A growing open source network management system for OpenWRT.

9. Previous editions

   - Previous editions of this newsletter are available here

This newsletter is part of the project titled, “Local Access Networks: Can
the unconnected connect themselves?” developed by APC in partnership with
Internet Society and Rhizomática, with support from Canada's International
Development Research Centre (IDRC).

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May 2018. Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

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