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Michael J. Oghia mike.oghia at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 15:04:57 UTC 2018

Hi Luca, all:

I joined Luca in amplifying his disapproval, and two members of the MAG
jointly responded. You can see her response below.

Still, it doesn't fix the issue at hand, and it also suggests that we might
need additional space to meet (not necessarily the same as in Guadalajara,
but it might be worth thinking about).


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From: Jutta Croll <jcroll at digitale-chancen.de>
Date: Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: [DC] Rationale of 60 minutes for DCs and 90 for BPFs

Dear Luca, dear all DC members and all who have taken part in the debate,

As MAG members and facilitators for the DCs work we would like to explain
the rationale behind the programme and the reduced time slots for DC

First of all please bear in mind the programme for this year’s IGF in Paris
will last for only three days without a day 0. So all IGF activities need
to be squeezed in this tight time frame. In parallel to this development
the MAG received an overwhelming number of workshop proposals this year
(348 total). In the evaluation process we followed a strict time saving
policy and for many of the workshops a reduction of time from 90 to 60
minutes was suggested in order to accommodate as much as possible to the

The DCs’ request for 90-minute slots was stated clearly several times
during the MAG meeting, and this was defended strongly by the DC liaison.
The MAG acknowledged this request; nevertheless there were suggestions to
not only reduce DC sessions in duration, but to schedule them outside of
the regular programme (this is reflected in the transcript of the meeting).
The 60-minute slots in an integrated programme represent a compromise that
we should be able to accept for the time being. It is worth noting that
some DCs, independent of the MAG’s discussion, had also said they could
agree to 60 minutes.

As representatives of the MAG and the DCs we don’t think competition
between BPFs and DCs will bring us forward. While BPFs are held under the
auspices of the MAG with MAG oversight other than DCs, both are doing so
much valuable work for Internet Governance. By a simple look at numbers it
becomes obvious its easier to accommodate 4 BPFs in the schedule of the IGF
than 17 DCs with an equal amount of time.

We kindly ask all DC members to accept the indispensable conditions for
this year's IGF and start working to make the most out of their 60 minutes
slots. Personally we will take responsibility for achieving again 90
minutes slots for DCs in the IGF 2019 schedule.

Kind regards,
Jutta Croll and Markus Kummer
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