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Hi Luca, all:

I agree with you, thank you for pressing this issue. The fact that there is
not higher accountability standards is concerning to the long-term
sustainability of the IGF (as you rightly addressed).


On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 5:34 PM, Luca Belli <luca.belli at fgv.br> wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for your support. I appreciate very much Jutta’s message but I
> think it is very dangerous to be silent as regards the MAG’s abusive
> behavior, as I replied to Jutta (see below)
> Dear Jutta
> Thank you very much for your message and for your commitment to request
> the restoration of the DC Session customary slot of 90 minutes.
> Frankly, I think that the fact some MAG members threaten to expel DCs from
> the programme is per se an abuse and very tellingly explains what is the
> rationale of the MAG decision.
> I do not think that accepting an abuse for fear of an even greater one is
> the most sustainable strategy we could adopt. On the contrary, it simply
> gives the impression that the abusive behaviour is acceptable and normal.
> With my best regards
> Luca
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> Hi Luca, all:
> I joined Luca in amplifying his disapproval, and two members of the MAG
> jointly responded. You can see her response below.
> Still, it doesn't fix the issue at hand, and it also suggests that we
> might need additional space to meet (not necessarily the same as in
> Guadalajara, but it might be worth thinking about).
> Best,
> -Michael
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> From: *Jutta Croll* <jcroll at digitale-chancen.de>
> Date: Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 6:09 PM
> Subject: Re: [DC] Rationale of 60 minutes for DCs and 90 for BPFs
> Dear Luca, dear all DC members and all who have taken part in the debate,
> As MAG members and facilitators for the DCs work we would like to explain
> the rationale behind the programme and the reduced time slots for DC
> sessions.
> First of all please bear in mind the programme for this year’s IGF in
> Paris will last for only three days without a day 0. So all IGF activities
> need to be squeezed in this tight time frame. In parallel to this
> development the MAG received an overwhelming number of workshop proposals
> this year (348 total). In the evaluation process we followed a strict time
> saving policy and for many of the workshops a reduction of time from 90 to
> 60 minutes was suggested in order to accommodate as much as possible to the
> programme.
> The DCs’ request for 90-minute slots was stated clearly several times
> during the MAG meeting, and this was defended strongly by the DC liaison.
> The MAG acknowledged this request; nevertheless there were suggestions to
> not only reduce DC sessions in duration, but to schedule them outside of
> the regular programme (this is reflected in the transcript of the meeting).
> The 60-minute slots in an integrated programme represent a compromise that
> we should be able to accept for the time being. It is worth noting that
> some DCs, independent of the MAG’s discussion, had also said they could
> agree to 60 minutes.
> As representatives of the MAG and the DCs we don’t think competition
> between BPFs and DCs will bring us forward. While BPFs are held under the
> auspices of the MAG with MAG oversight other than DCs, both are doing so
> much valuable work for Internet Governance. By a simple look at numbers it
> becomes obvious its easier to accommodate 4 BPFs in the schedule of the IGF
> than 17 DCs with an equal amount of time.
> We kindly ask all DC members to accept the indispensable conditions for
> this year's IGF and start working to make the most out of their 60 minutes
> slots. Personally we will take responsibility for achieving again 90
> minutes slots for DCs in the IGF 2019 schedule.
> Kind regards,
> Jutta Croll and Markus Kummer
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