I vote for nico as chair

I can be vice chair if needed...or nothing. Whatever is fine with me.

On December 20, 2017 11:55:18 AM GMT+01:00, "Nicolás Echániz" <nicoechaniz@altermundi.net> wrote:
Hi all,

For the formalization of the SIG, we need to say who will be the acting officers until we can have a proper election in the first meeting of the SIG.

I ask that anyone who is willing to fill a position speak up.

The acting Chair will sign the MOU with ISOC so it needs to be someone who is at the IGF.

I am ok to fill this position for the time being and I'm also OK if Peter, Sol, Panos or anyone else present here wants to do it.

The positions we need to cover are: Chair, vice Chair, secretary, treasurer and alternates for the last two, so it's 6 people total.

Someone will also need to be in charge of maintaining the SIG data on the ISOC platform (members, etc) for which we will receive login data. I propose it's whoever fills the secretary position. 

I also propose that we have our first formal Council Meeting during January, so we can get the SIG actually working soon.

Cheers !


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