Hello all, 

This email serves firstly to officially name the CNSIG Working Group coordinators (whoohoo!), and secondly to guide the WGs to prepare their initial work.

CNSIG WG Coordinators
  • Policy and regulation WG - Thiago Novaes
  • Technical WG Nico Echaniz
  • Social impact WG - Panayotis Antoniadis
  • As you know no-one formally volunteered to coordinate the Training WG - members are welcome to start working amongst themselves until a coordinator is identified.
Our next meeting will focus on the WGs. Please indicate your availability for the meeting in the following poll https://framadate.org/e27iwYTwQqVrnz7a Also to aid the groups to get going we include below 3 main questions for each group to address, and present at the next meeting.  
  1. What would you like the WG to achieve in 2018 (your main objective)?
  2. What are some of the tasks that you envision undertaking?
  3. How will you evaluated that you are fulfilling your objective (by what criteria will the WG monitor/measure its activities)?
For your convenience these mailing lists have been created for the WG communicationregulation-wg@lists.cnsig.infotech-wg@lists.cnsig.infoimpact-wg@lists.cnsig.infotraining-wg@lists.cnsig.info.   

Looking forward to getting working!!

All the best, 
Sol and Nico

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