Hi Panos, It would be great to have a presentation and if you can give it a go fantastic. Maybe refer to the website for main content. Ill try give input asap.
Thanks, Sol

2018-04-23 12:47 GMT+02:00 panayotis antoniadis <panayotis@nethood.org>:

Hi all,

On 22.04.2018 19:52, Nicolás Echániz wrote:
> Discussing this thread with Jesi here in person she proposed that it
> could be interesting to create a short CNSIG presentation video which
> could serve as an intro to our participaton in events. I believe this is
> a great idea, although time is short in this case... what do you think?

Good idea! I propose to try at least.

Writing the script will generate already a lot of useful  content for
the presentation, even if the video is not ready by then.

I added a section "video teaser script" at the end of this pad:

Myself, I will be able to work on this toward the end of this week ...



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