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Apologies for my silence the last weeks, I really have been swamped. Let me report here on both the African CN Summit Sept 2018, and my participation in the ISOC/APC organised Workshop on CNs at the African Union that I attended as CNSIG last month. 

CN workshop at the African Union commission  June, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
As CNSIG representive I aimed to get a sense of how the SIG and African Chapter and initiatives could work together. My perspective is that there are a few well developed CNs that the CNSIG would very much benefit from including - some work closely with Chapter other not. I think what African CNs offer is a new context in which to understand CNs, solidarity, people's movement, like every place the African continent has a whole set of unique characteristics. I will send a separate email with Tunapanda's  (Kenya CN) request to join the CNSIG. 
Over and above this, there was a strong interest on CNs from all the +20 African countries represented at the meeting, from the regional regulators and from the African Union. I think the meeting has a strong potential to support the acknowledgement and respect for CNs on an institutional level. A strong point here is that 2 months ago Zenzeleni was referred to in South African Parliament by the national ministry of telecomms. This seems a strong signal and encouragement to other governments, although for now its all lip service and I foresee a long haul. But overall positive. 
One of the things I discussed with Jane, Michuki and Carlos  that seems necessary in furthering the CN movement (for ISOC, APC and us all) is a quick fact sheet from each CN. I would encourage us to get this ready asap (I think a separate email is needed for this).  

African CN Summit: 
As mentioned by Nico the dates are 2-7 Sept. It will take place in the rural Eastern Cape where Zenzeleni was born and is expanding. Zenzeleni is the host CN and we have been working with the ISOC Africa team and APC CN project. We are most excited that we managed to have it located in the rural area where we operate and not a city..so please all who can COME! I believe the webpage will be live soon. In terms of CNSIG representation, I think its a good opportunity to do outreach - for the reasons above and perhaps using the quick fact sheet/ presentation that I mentioned. I believe as it is an African summit the fellowships are focused on African initiatives, but I dont know this for certain. My suggestion is that if you are interested to attend please say so, and we can see what we can organise (maybe APC travel funds, or other funds can be use...).  

Yes, please Nico add me to comms with Muchuki and co - it will help centralise what Im already doing. 

As Zenzeleni I also want to encourage all who can to participate in the Summit, as an experience for yourselves. And also mention that Zenzeleni is looking for volunteers in general from near and far to build capacity and help with installations. So you are most welcome! 


2018-07-09 15:13 GMT+02:00 Nicolás Echániz <nicoechaniz@altermundi.net>:
Hi all,

we have also contacted Michuki Mwangi (ISOC - Africa).

Here's his reply:

The 3rd summit on Community Networks in Africa is scheduled for 3 - 7
September in Mankosi, Eastern Cape, South Africa. It will be hosted at
the Zenzeleni CN in the community that they serve called Mankosi. We are
finalizing the logistics and venue information. It should be available
in the next 2 weeks.

Do you have any strategy on how to increase membership to the CNSIG? If
you have any outreach materials that we can share with the CN operators
in the regions, that might help getting more of them involved with the

So... we are locals there! :)

Sol, maybe you can share a bit more detail on this event and how the
CNSIG could participate as a collective.
Should I add you in CC in the thread we started with Sebastian, Michuki
and  Naveed ?

Same as with the APAC meeting, I propose we appoint one person as CNSIG
contact for the organization of the event, Sol you seem like the natural
choice, but you are also already swamped with work; what's your take on

Michuki also asked about outreach materials. We can start a different
thread about this.


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