Hi Everyone,

We need your speedy help! :)

We are still in the process of getting "our house in order" for our relationship and good standing with ISOC.

Jesica & I have consolidated the current list of CNSIG Council Representatives into a draft register document.

Please update / correct the Draft Council Representative Register as soon as possible (link below).

Information we need for our bylaws:

- Your Name
- The Organization you represent
- The date you joined the Council (or at least the date you joined the email mailing list)*
- Confirmation of ISOC membership & Community Network SIG membership**
- If you are currently an Officer, your position and the date you began as Officer

Most of this information is here, but there are gaps (especially with *).

The Draft Register is here: https://pad.codigosur.org/RepsList Please check and correct the information for you and your colleagues.


- Please ONLY correct or fill in missing details.
- Do NOT add Organizations (but feel free to add suggestions for Organization membership at comments at the end of the document).
- Do NOT add or delete the names of current representatives of any Organization (name spelling corrections are OK).
Changing of Organizational representatives can ONLY occur at the CN SIG Council Annual Council Meeting (ACM).

(* is required by our bylaws)

(** personal ISOC membership is REQUIRED to be a Council Organization representative, ISOC CN SIG membership is RECOMMENDED for all Council Organization representatives)

Internet Society membership is REQUIRED to be a member of the ISOC CN SIG and to be Council representative. Please check your free membership is in good standing.

Thanks a lot for spending a little time to help us get this administrative information together.

Together we can be a bigger influence and a louder voice for CN both within ISOC and beyond!

The future is ours!

In solidarity,


On 29/07/2020 13:47, Adam Burns wrote:

Hi all,

Just to repeat the clarification on the Telegram channel that under our bylaws, Santiado Piccinini cannot replace Nicolás Pace as an Alter Mundi representative in the council until the next Annual Council Meeting.



On 29/07/2020 04:44, Jesica wrote:

Hi friends!

We wanted to tell you all that AlterMundi have redefines the list of our three council representatives.

The current list is:

    * Nicolás Echániz

    * Santiado Piccinini

    * Jésica Giudice

greetings to all of you! :)

Council mailing list

Council mailing list