Hi everyone,

So, two weeks (The deadline is Friday 12 April 2019 23:59 UTC) to present workshop proposals on CN from the SIG for the IGF.


DC3 (The Dynamic Coalision for Community Connectivity, a space created by some of the people in this list specifically for CN related topics) has their own space.

ISOC and APC will probably propose something.

I would invite us to reflect if we want to be part of this spaces and how.

I see IGF spaces as a platform for us to get together and coordinate and disseminate what we do with others, while we don't have a space for it by ourselves.

It can demand a lot of energy (and Luca and NicoE have been investing a lot).

I doubt the usefulness that this may have in influencing regulation, but would love others to challenge that :)

I particularly would love to hear Erick and Karla's position on this, as they have the regulators and lawmakers perspective on it.