Hi Panos and all, 

Here are my two cents worth in my personal capacity. I agree on inclusion in general, so I do believe some work in reaching out is necessary and valuable. Furthermore,there are some CNs that have already reached out to us, like Gufinet, that seem like very natural participants and they should be integrated asap.

On the other hand, I think it will be valuable to reach out to CNs that are perhaps not represented in other groups and whose input has not been considered before. My point here I guess is that we don't only end up reaching to the organisations we all know, but research further to incorporate others more "out of the loop" - maybe aiming at some regional diversity but mainly to push ourselves to go further than the norm.

This leads me to another point, which is that we should avoid duplicating efforts made by others. In order to not duplicate we need to understand what we are doing and what has been/ is being done by others. For me one of the first tasks we need to do (perhaps within the WGs) is to understand what prior work/efforts are valuable to our work. This may lead in some cases to rather partner/ have regular meetings with other groups or organisations than to integrate everyone into this SIG. 

In summary, I would make a lean procedure to accept CNs that are "obvious" candidates which have requested to be part of the CNSIG. Maybe a council member formally nominates them and the council has a short period to approve or object. For further reaching out, I would first aim to create a comprehensive list of CNs and groups that are relevant to the CNSIG (maybe within the WGs) to get a clear idea of what there is/ who is out there and what our relationship would be (member of the CNSIG? partner? etc).

What do you think?

2018-02-22 23:35 GMT+02:00 panayotis antoniadis <panayotis@nethood.org>:

Dear all,

I was somehow waiting something to happen regarding this issue and Nico
just reminded me that there were no answers to the e-mail :-)

So, I am answering!

>From my side, the list started by Nico is already good enough to start
contacting and here is a pad to "add" to the list (together with a very
draft invitation text):


Personally, I know people from the three first networks, and I could do
the contact. But I don't really want to take the lead on this and would
do it only if asked.



On 29.01.2018 20:07, Nicolás Echániz wrote:
> Hi all,
> During the meeting one of the subjects that was raised but we had no
> time to address is the reach-out process and candidates selection.
> I propose that we create in this thread a list of the community networks
> we would like to invite.
> Considering the Special Interest Group is meant to be global, I believe
> it is important to try to keep some regional balance in the group over time.
> There were two candidates previously mentioned. Let's grow this list
> with the communities we would like to reach out to. I'd suggest that we
> also add some contact names for each organization.
> So, starting the list:
> - guifi.net (Roger Baig Viñas, Ramón Roca, ...)
> - Freifunk (Elektra Wagenrad, Monic Meisel, André Gaul...)
> - Wlan-slovenia (Luka Mustafa/Musti, ...)
> - Digital Empowerment Foundation (Ritu Srivastava, Osama Manzar, ...)
> - PeoplesOpen/SudoMesh (JennyRyan, ...)
> - ...
> Cheers!
> NicoEchániz
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