Hi all,

Nico, thanks for gently underlining this existential issue.

Whilst I agree that a position statement against the opaque ORG sale is an action point, we need to address the status of "pre-rejuvenation".

So let's rejuventate!

Not sure what timezones everyone lies in, but can we agree for a call in the coming 7 days?

Is there is an existing mumble server that is used for conference calls?

Look forward to talking with you all soon!



On 18/02/2020 17:58, Nicolás Echániz wrote:

On the other hand, we need to address our organizational pending tasks or we risk loosing the CNSIG altogether...

please check my previous email on this matter.

On 06/02/2020 18:32, Nicolás Echániz wrote:
Hi everyone.

We have received this e-mail from ISOC.

The most important part is the need to elect our officers for the next term.

Should we set up a mumble call soon to talk about this?


-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: 	Chapter Performance Evaluations - What next
Date: 	Wed, 5 Feb 2020 11:43:29 +0000
From: 	Evelyn Namara <namara@isoc.org>
To: 	nicoechaniz@altermundi.net <nicoechaniz@altermundi.net>
CC: 	manugonzur@gmail.com <manugonzur@gmail.com>

Dear CN SIG leaders,


Now that the Chapter/SIG performance evaluations are complete, I wanted
to touch base and discuss the – What next.

As you may have read from Christine’s email on the chapter delegates
list, you now have until end of April to bring your SIG back from
“pre-rejuvenation” to “in good standing”.


For your SIG, You did not meet the minimum criteria requirements of;


  * Activity plan shared
  * Elections done and uploaded.

Please work on these before end of April and should you need my help,
please do not hesitate to reach out.


Kind Regards,



Evelyn Namara

Manager, Global SIG & Community Engagement

Internet Society

Signal: +256754440893

Email: namara@isoc.org


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