Hi CNSIGers,

As discussed in our last meetings ISOC has a small fund to support Chapters/ SIGs in their admin. I include details below. 

I think it would be interested for the CNSIG to get some support in organising some of its elements under the fundable concepts of "Improve Chapter performance" and "Contribute to maintaining an active and dynamic Chapter and SIG Community".  For me it would be good to have information gathered as a SIG that we can a) reflect on, b) share. It would also be nice to have someone dedicated to following up some of the good ideas mentioned in meetings and supporting us to implement them. 

So my question is, 'is there anyone here that is keen to take this role'. If so, please speak up and I propose we apply for the funding. I am happy to contribute to shaping the scope/purpose of this work.  

Further details on this programme & how to apply are available at: www.internetsociety.org/beyond-the-net/... 
The amount of Admin funding available to your Chapter/SIG is based on the outcome of the December 2018 Chapter performance evaluations. (See: www.internetsociety.org/grants/chapter-admin-funding > Funding available).   
Sol Luca de Tena

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Zenzeleni Networks NPC
- Winner of Best Innovation with Social Impact Award, Innovation Bridge 2017
- Finalist of Mozilla Equal Rating Innovation Challenge, 2017