This list has been quiet.

I urge everyone who has an interest in the future of the ISOC Community Network SIG to participate and join this presentation.

It has been short notice, and there were not many time-of-day alternatives to accommodate everyone's schedule.

I ask you all to join this call if you can. Even on mute.

I've been talking to Evelyn on acceptable ways to establish a ISOC acceptable bank account for the Community Network SIG.

Ramon Roca from has declared that the GuiFi Foundation was established precisely for this very purpose and they would be happy to sponsor the account resources.

I think now is the time to re-evaluate the SIG.

This group has the potential to be an active federated resource & exchange for independent and autonomous networks.

The greater SIG membership is about 900 members and growing.

The relative silence on this list has not been heard by the 900 members.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow,


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Subject: SIG strategy plan presentation with CN SIG
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020 08:42:43 +0000
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