I like the idea of Telegram or WhatsApp group, count on me please.

About the meeting, I like the idea of Sol. I would like a council meeting first :)

Il 12/07/20 03:53, Sarbani Banerjee Belur ha scritto:

According to me, I would like to suggest 2 things that can be done.

1) Organise panel discussions on different topics of CNs. Like for eg. barriers and challenges faced, development of technology, social business model, community participation, policy and advocacy, women's participation in the CN etc. This way we can many more CNs to come onboard with us as part of this SIG.

2) We can think of holding a 2 day workshop on the same themes as above. (I think organising this would take time)

I would also request all the members of this SIG to share their phone numbers. We want to make a Telegram group. The Telegram group link can be forwarded to others as well for better participation. So please share your numbers.

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On 12-07-2020 03:42, Jesica wrote:

surgido por las exigencias de ISOC respecto de los SIGs es que nos
planteamos una reunión de RCs para el 28 de Julio, dentro de poco más de
dos semanas.
Les parece que lo llevemos adelante? Lo dejamos para el 28, cambiamos fecha?
Quiénes tienen ganas de participar, quiéne quieren contribuir para