Hi all, this sounds great.. I've written on Panos' pad (https://pad.codigosur.org/CNSIG_beyond-the-net). On another hand I think we should aim to finalise our scope by end of next week. Ill send out a doodle for meeting times. 
Thanks peeps

2018-05-05 7:25 GMT+02:00 Nicolás Echániz <nicoechaniz@altermundi.net>:
On 05/03/2018 09:15 AM, Sol Luca de Tena wrote:
> Hi all, 
> Thanks Nico P for this. I agree this is a great opportunity and I agree
> with your framework. Also related, Nico E and I had a meeting with two
> of the coordinators of Chapters/SIGs in ISOC - Kyle and Christine.
> Summarising and answering some of the queries posed by Nico P; they said
> that each Chapter/SIG could receive 1, maybe 2 grants.

Kyle from ISOC has confirmed that only one slot (big grant) will be
assigned to the SIG. So I think we must decide for what's our project
with most potential impact and just present that one.

He mentioned that we could also get one small grant slot, so maybe we
can think about something for that too.

> What I understood
> is that SIGs are considered global groups and therefore projects should
> deal with transnational/ transregional issues (where Chapter have more
> regional focus). They also mentioned that while the grants are awarded
> to the SIG there is a choice of who participates - meaning either all
> organisations participate, or only those who are interested. We also
> need to keep in mind that the grant application closes on the 15th May,
> so we need to act quickly if we want to use this opportunity.

The call for proposals will be extended untill May 29, so we have a bit
more time, but we still need to work on this.

Regarding the "transnationality" of the proposal, I think that
presenting a proposal that is signed by every organization that is part
of the CNSIG will send a very strong signal regarding our will to
collaborate in our path forward.

> In terms of topics, two ideas from my side.
> 1) I think 'exchange of experience' is highly under rated. I think if we
> had the means to spend time in understanding each other's organisations
> and our practices better we would learn a lot. I mean a more long term,
> funded exchange, where maybe we can visit each other and learn on site.
> I have spoken to many of you and each time I learn something new and
> applicable to solve an issue we have. These conversations however are
> usually rushed, over email or over coffee at a Summit. I think we could
> propose an exchange program between CNs, and then highlight a few key
> issues (I propose one below) that we can address and create some sort of
> outcome with (Best practices?Golden tips?Benefits of CNs?).
I completely agree that this is crucial, and most of all at this time
when we are just trying to get this group to open it's wings :)

I'd say we can propose to have a global Community Networks Summit which can:
- be hosted in a location in the global South
- have a duration of at least 5 days
- be organized with no waste of resources (no hotels, restaurants, etc.)

Many of our members are also APC members so they could apply for METF
funding to cover their flight costs and that would add to the BTN's 30K

A specific offer I'd like to mention: here in Quintana we have a bing
boarding school which has room/lodging for about 100 children that live
there during the school year and then it's empty during our summer. The
school is part of QuintanaLibre and the school principal, who is also
personally a member, has already agreed to offer the school for
community network related events during the summer. Accomodation and
food (in the school's diner, would be very affordable.

So... those are some ideas :)  of course nothing's set in stone! just

Sol, should we do a poll to pick a date and do a Mumble meeting to
brainstorm and begin preparing a project?


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