could you please send me your phone number? I can contact you via Signal about the meeting details.


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On Tue, Nov 13, 2018, 3:08 PM < wrote:
Hello all,

I am in Paris for the IGF this week. However, I will not be able to attend the meeting on the 15th due to other work obligations. I have many ideas about the questions on the agenda, and hope to see notes from the meeting so I may comment on them later.

If anyone is around tonight, Tuesday 13 Nov, I would love to meet some of you for dinner and/or drinks. If you respond to me via email directly (not to spam this listserve) we can coordinate with a Signal group or something. Let me know!


People's Open Network
Oakland, CA USA

November 8, 2018 5:35 PM, "Nicolás Echániz" <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> The IGF in Paris is almost here. Panos and NicoPace have confirmed a
> location for our gathering:
> Gaite Lyrique
> 3bis Rue Papin, 75003 Paris
> The CNSIG meeting will occur the 15th starting at 9AM and ending at noon.
> In the afternoon we will have an open meeting with other people that are
> related to Community Networks issues in the same location.
> Our proposed meetig agenda so far:
> - what is the role of our Trusted Advisors, how do we invite them to get
> more involved in the CNSIG?
> - LAC Summit document[1]. Does the global CNSIG wish to discuss and/or
> support the document?
> - Regional CNSIG groups. We have created the LAC CNSIG group, Sol is
> working on the African group. Does it make sense to create similar
> initiatives for other regions? How do regional groups integrate with the
> global CNSIG.
> - Global Community Networks summit. Do we want to be in charge of such
> an event? Who can help make it happen? ISOC will very probably provide
> funding during 2019.
> - Why have we created the CNSIG and what do we want to do with it?
> - Update of the work that we have done until now.
> - Sol would like to share about the African base CNs, the communication
> channels that could be most effective and the relation to the CNSIG.
> - Appropriation of the community network narrative and avoiding to
> become "cheap labor" for "connecting the unconnected" to Facebook and
> Google's servers.
> Matters that we consider to be more general and less directly related to
> the CNSIG can be discussed in the afternoon in the open meeting.
> CNSIG members attending IGF in Paris:
> (if you are attending and your name is not there, raise your hand)
> Karla Velasco
> John Dada
> Peter Bloom
> Nico Echaniz
> Nico Pace
> Panayotis Antoniadis
> Erick Huerta Velázquez
> Ramón Roca
> Roger Baig
> Shaun Pather
> Vasilis Chryssos
> Hiure Queiroz
> Damián Cejas
> Gioacchino Mazzurco
> Gui Iribarren
> Mai Sutton
> I would like to create a temporary whatsapp or telegram group so we can
> easily coordinate during the event, comment on interesting sessions,
> organize for off-the-event activities, etc.
> I don't have everyone's contact, so if you are OK with being added to
> the temporary group, please send me a message to this number:
> +549 3547 656593
> Cheers!
> NicoEchániz
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