I accept the chair :) It is important to all of us to understand that to be chair is not to take decisions for the group.
We should work as if we were all ¨the chair¨ :)

I´m writting a kind of ¨Electoral Support Document¨ indicating the list of charges and that this list was accepted by consensus :)

Then we have to write about what we did in 2019 and what will be our area of action in the future.

PD: It is important that we all be sure that we can write to the list, does anyone have problems with that? let's solve it!


Il 03/06/20 12:28, Adam Burns ha scritto:
I echo that opinion. In fact in a quick chat with Jesica I just stated
I'll take the position nobody else wants.

I replied to Jesica after she reminded me the choice between chair and
secretary that I would accept secretary if Jesica would kindly accept
the chair.



On 29/05/2020 01:41, Jesica Giudice wrote:
I have no problems with any role.
I think that only the role of chair have to be covered by someone that
is highly avalilable, just to sign rapidly if necessary.

Adam, Bruno, Sarbani... Any preference?

Il 28 Maggio 2020 18:35:45 GMT-03:00, "Nicolás Echániz"
<> ha scritto:

    Adam also expressed interest, so we already have four people:

    Adam, Bruno, Jesi and Sarbani

    This matches the need for the roles: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and

    You can all read the bylaws here:

    And we should decide who will occupy each spot.

    Could the four candidates say if they have any preference according to
    the obligations set by the bylaws?


    PS: is anyone else willing to participate? We currently have an
    alternate treasurer and alternate secretary roles also (occupied by
    Peter and Gio if I recall correctly)

    On 5/28/20 2:30 PM, Karla Velasco wrote:

        Message received, Sarbani. Thank you! Karla Velasco Ramos <> +52 1 55 36 66
        69 24 On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 12:27 PM Sarbani Banerjee Belur
        < <>>
        wrote: I too am interested. Have been trying to send you this
        email. But have not been able to do so. Hopefully this email
        reaches. With regards, Sarbani On 28 May 2020 22:47:54
        GMT+05:30, Karla Velasco <
        <>> wrote: Thank you for
        clarifying Sol! So this means two spots would be available, is
        this correct? Sol's and mine. Jesi and Bruno have shown
        interest in the positions. Anyone else? Best, Karla Velasco
        Ramos <> +52 1 55
        36 66 69 24 On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 6:34 AM Sol Luca de Tena
        < <>> wrote: Hi all,
        ____ __ __ Karla just to answer your query. I did step down at
        the end of the 2 year period in my role. We also informed ISOC
        of my stepping down. ____ __ __ Cheers, Sol____ __ __
        <>] *On Behalf Of
        *bruno vianna *Sent:* Thursday, May 28, 2020 11:24 AM *To:*
        CNSIG Council *Subject:* Re: [CNSIG-Council] Fwd: [decision]
        Deadline approaching to complete SIG evaluation items____
        __ __ I'd been trying to post to the list without much
        success, I hope this mail goes through.____ __ __ I support
        the solution and I'm available for either position, council or
        treasurer.____ __ __ On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 10:58 AM Karla
        Velasco <
        <>> wrote:____ Hi!____ __ __
        Sounds good to me. From what I understand, Sol stepped down so
        one of the places is free but I'm not entirely sure this
        happened, can someone confirm? ____ __ __ If this indeed
        happened, you could take that place, Jesi, as you have shown
        interest. ____ __ __ I don't remember if others showed
        interest. I'm the treasurer and can step down as well, if
        anyone wants to take my place.____ __ __ Best, ____
        Karla Velasco Ramos____
        <>____ +52 1 55 36 66 69 24____ Image
        removed by sender.____ __ __ __ __ On Fri, May 22, 2020 at
        5:38 PM Jesica <
        <>> wrote:____ If this is
        the fourth re-election period, the payroll can still be
        repeated, if a justification is added. I think that saying
        that since we do not have official status, we cannot have our
        own account and we cannot request financing from the cnsig, we
        do not see the risk of continuing one more period as we are,
        committing ourselves to renew the charges for the next
        period.____ __ __ Si este fuera el cuarto período de
        re-elección, igual se puede repetir la nómina, si se agregar
        un justificativo.____ Creo que decir que al no tener
        oficializada la personería, no poder tener cuenta propia y no
        poder solicitar financiamiento desde el cnsig, no vemos el
        riesgo en continuar un período más así como estamos,
        comprometiéndonos a renovar los cargos para el próximo
        período.____ __ __ __ __ __ __ Il 21/05/20 17:12, Jesica ha
        scritto:____ ENGLIS (SPANISH BELOW)____ Hi everyone :)____
        __ __ 1)____ The council can be reelected for three
        consecutive periods, so I____ understand that we can hold the
        same council list for another year.____ So I propose
        that...____ __ __ 2)____ Other thing I want to tell us that
        Lilian Chamorro Rojas, from Colnodo____ (Colombia), and Ana
        Muller, from Mesa de Comunicación Popular de Salta y____ Jujuy
        (Argentina) want to join to cnsig. Is that possible? Just add
        that____ both are willing to join the council if it would help
        to maintain this____ space.____ __ __ Thanks____ Jesi____ __ __
        SPANISH____ Hola a todos :)____ __ __ 1)____ El consejo puede
        ser reelegido por tres períodos consecutivos, por lo____ que
        entiendo que podemos mantener la misma lista por otro año.____
        Entonces propongo eso...____ __ __ 2)____ Otra cosa que quiero
        contarles es que Lilian Chamorro Rojas, de Colnodo____
        (Colombia), y Ana Muller, de la Mesa de Comunicación Popular
        de Salta y____ Jujuy (Argentina) quieren unirse al cnsig. ¿Es
        eso posible? Solo quiero____ agregar que ambas están
        dispuestas a unirse al consejo si eso ayudara a____ mantener
        este espacio.____ __ __ Gracias____ Jesi____ __ __ __ __ __ __
        __ __ Il 29/04/20 20:08, Nicolás Echániz ha scritto:____ Hi
        everyone,____ __ __ I asked for more time.____ __ __ Can we
        put a date so I can reply to Evelyn?____ __ __ __ __
        Cheers!____ Nico____ __ __ __ __ __ __ -------- Forwarded
        Message --------____ Subject: Re: Deadline approaching to
        complete SIG evaluation items____ Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020
        08:15:14 +0000____ From: Evelyn Namara <>
        <>____ To:
        <>____ CC:
        <> <>
        <>____ <>
        <>____ <>
        <>, Christine Saegesser
        <> <>____ __ __
        Hello Nico,____ __ __ This is noted. Can you please give me a
        date past the 30 April deadline____ when you believe you will
        be able to complete the tasks pending?____ These involve;____
        __ __ -  Conducting the board elections____ - Activity plan
        for the SIG____ __ __ I will then apply the extension and
        check in to see progress.____ __ __ Looking forward to hearing
        from you.____ __ __ __ __
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