We have been talking a bit about this in the LibreMesh/LibreRouter
community and we could make a grant proposal in the line of continuing
development of both the software and hardware components. Many CNSIG
communities are using or planning to use these technologies and we could
collectively decide what's are our collective needs in this regard, but
I personally do not want to impose a project.

There is no question that continuing LibreRouter is crucial for all community networks and it is an excellent option.

I'm gonna ask around for other ideas, but from the top of my mind here are two other things:

- Besides firmware  and hardware we also have to think of applications for CNs. The captive portal/voucher for libremesh is urgent (although doesn't seem much effort and apparently should done soon). But I believe there should be a call or direct development of applications, specially for mobile phones, that take advantage of local networks and make them attractive. Local social networks, file sharing, radio etc, moving from a server-centric approach to a direct, local, peer-to-peer, with users in the hundreds.

- An open call for funding community networks in developing countries. Personally, what finally got me into building CNs was the Commotion call 4 years ago, and I see the same process happening with other people/communities after the call we made in Brazil.



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