Hi all, are we meeting now? Has anyone prepared a room? 

Im participating in the APC CN Locnet inaugural meeting, so (if we are meeting) Ill be a bit late. 

Cheers, Sol

El lun., 8 abr. 2019 a las 20:18, panayotis antoniadis (<panayotis@nethood.org>) escribió:

Dear all,

It seems that the preferred day/time for a regular CNSIG meeting is
Wednesday, at 15h00.

So, I think it makes perfect sense to choose the 3rd wednesday of every
month :-)

This means that our next regular meetings will be on April 17, May 16,
June 13.

As already stressed these will not be "official" meetings but
opportunities to catch-up with each other.

For example, on the next meeting we could get informed about the
CN-related sessions at WSIS.

By accident (almost), I will attend also the APC session #253, this
Thursday: https://www.itu.int/net4/wsis/forum/2019/Agenda/ViewSession/253#



On 02.04.19 23:48, panayotis antoniadis wrote:
> Hi all,
> According to the votes in this poll, https://framadate.org/TroBKt4F8PMzNarz
> the most convenient time is 15:00 UTC, and best days are Monday-Wednesday.
> I would wait a little more in case more people want to express their
> preferences,
> let's say until April 14th.
> Then we could try to have our first "regular meeting" the selected day
> and time in
> the week of April 15th-22th, that is the 3rd week of the month.
> Best,
> Panos.
> On 06.03.19 22:57, panayotis antoniadis wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> As agreed in today's CNSIG council,
>> https://pad.codigosur.org/CNSIG_Meeting05, we will try to set a regular
>> monthly meeting, which could serve both as a "catch-up" opportunity for
>> those available but also as the first candidate date for more "official"
>> meetings, to avoid the need for a poll, if noone asks for it.
>> So, I created this framadate to choose a day and time, and let's say for
>> simplicity this will be the 2nd selected day of every month (I don't
>> think it makes a big difference anyway).
>> https://framadate.org/TroBKt4F8PMzNarz
>> As you will notice with many choices for time, and then a full week with
>> no time.
>> Choose first the best options for time on the 1st day of the poll (March
>> 31st) and then your best options for days of the week (April 1-7). Sorry
>> for the "hack". I hope it is clear :-)
>> Best,
>> Panos.
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