Letting you know that we have just launched our new Zenzeleni community networks website http://zenzeleni.net/. Developed with a lot of love, care and hard work. 

Currently it is focused on core communications needs of Zenzeleni as a collective of Zenzeleni Cooperatives and the Zenzeleni non for profit company, where content speaks to a wide set of  stakeholder to clarify basic information and to call for partnerships (hence it's in English).

In future we hope to fill it with content produced for and by our communities in isiXhosa and other South African local languages, also aiming to incorporate videos, text and audios to creating a resource rich site with local content.

Feel free to share and send us any feedback.



Sol Luca de Tena


e: sol@zenzeleni.net

c: (+27/0) 839 47 4946

w: zenzeleni.net

Skype: sol.lucadetena