Every day/week is ok for me.
The most important is to set a day, so we can invite, prepare, coordinate, and organize the event :)
Some options, just to imagine possibilities:
1) Wednesday September 9th, 11-15UTC
2) Thursday September 10th, 11-15UTC
I chose it randomly, thinking about the schedule that is reasonably for all regions. Give other options if necessary.

Someone wants to write an invitation, while the day is being defined. This makes it easier for all of us to make invitations :)

On the other hand, it would also be good to coordinate the date of the assembly and make a list of topics to discuss, conscientiously that they will be topics that can be seen by people we do not know.
Thursday September 3rd, 11-15UTC? Other proposals?

Cualquier día/semana está bien para mí.
Lo más importante es tener una fecha, para que podamos invitar, preparar, coordinar y organizar el evento :)
Algunas opciones, solo para imaginar posibilidades:
1) Miercoles 9 de Septiembre, 11 a 15UTC
2) Jueves 10 de Septiembre, 11 a 15UTC
Lo elegí al azar, pensando en el horario que sea relativamente razonable para todas las regiones. Den otras opciones de ser necesario

Alguien quiere redactar una invitación, mientras se define la fecha. Así es más fácil para todos nosotros realizar invitaciones :)

Por otro lado, sería bueno también ir coordinando la fecha de la asamblea e ir haciendo una lista de temas a conversar, a conciencia que serán temas que podrán ser visto por personas que desconocemos. Jueves 3 de Septiembre, 11-15UTC? Otras propuestas?

Il 25/08/20 07:07, sol@zenzeleni.net ha scritto:
Gracias Jesi, 

Weekends are really tricky for me, as I have family/kids to attend to. I
would prefer week days, ideally between 6am-3pm UTC, but can also take
it later up to 7pm UTC. 

In terms of getting CNs to respond and attend I would give 2 weeks
notice, so depends when our invitation goes out. 

thanks, Sol 

On 2020-08-25 11:54, Vasilis Chryssos wrote:

Sunday would work for me best. Maybe it would also be convenient for others who work during the day. 

Maybe we should aim for the second week of September, though, that is 13/9, to allow us to reach out to as many CNs as possible. 

What do you think? 


P.S.: Adam, did we create some document to organize the event, from last time we met? If yes, could you please share the link? 

On Tue, Aug 25, 2020, 2:21 AM Jesica <giudicejesica@altermundi.net> wrote: 


Disculpen, no hemos definido una fecha para el encuentro de redes
comunitarias. Hasta el momento sólo definimos que fuera la primera
semana de Septiembre.
A mí me viene bien viernes (12 - 18UTC) o domingo (cualquier hora), pero
me puedo adaptar a otros días/horarios.
Mientras antes haya una definición, antes nosotros podremos  invitar a
redes y organizaciones fuera de este grupo/CNSIG.


Sorry, we have not set a date for the community networks meeting. So far
we only define it to be the first week of September.
Friday (12 - 18UTC) or Sunday (any time) is good for me, but I can adapt
to other days / times.
The sooner there is a definition, the sooner we can invite networks and
organizations outside of this group / CNSIG.

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