Hello all,

We are reaching the end of February and according to our last meeting's decisions a few things should take place.

Working Group coordinators:
Statements of intent have been received for every group except Training. 
According to our decision: 1.2. Coordinators acceptance will be made through the mailing list within 30 days starting on Feb 1st...  As the council we should formalize the coordinators positions. Let's take until Friday (March 2nd) to send any questions or requests for clarifications to the proposed coordinators: Thiago for Regulation, Panos for Social impact and myself (Nico) for Tech. If we receive no queries, or all queries are clarified, we will proceed to formally name the WG coordinators. 
If the Training WG has no formal coordinator for the time being we don't think it is a problem, but would that the group start to organize to work until someone steps forward for that role. 

Next general meeting:
The next general meeting was planned for mid-March, we would like to suggest that we prioritise the WGs getting started, and postpone our general meeting for another month. Once the coordinators of the WGs are formally accepted the main responsibility of the coordinator is to ensure the WGs keeps working. From our side all current pending issues can be addressed through email, or/and the back-log. This way the time given to the SIG in the next month can be focused on WG activities. The next general meeting can therefore be used to share and review the WG work. Kindly let us know if you don't agree with this. If we receive no objection by the 2nd March we will send a general meeting poll for the first week of April. 

Nico and Sol

Sol Luca de Tena

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