I support and encourage others to consider supporting FFDN's inclusion.



On 17/09/2019 15:26, Nicolas Pace wrote:
Dear council members,
FFDN is requesting to be allowed to join the CNSIG.
Out of reading about their work and their application, I would support it's participation.


De: Daniele Pitrolo <franciliens@pitrolo.it>
Enviado: 7 de septiembre de 2019 15:29:02 ART
Para: Nicolas Pace <nicopace@altermundi.net>
Asunto: Re: FFDN dans CNSig

On 08/07/19 16:08, Nicolas Pace wrote:
Hi Daniele,
Hello Nicolas,
Thanks for your interest of how the CNSIG council joining process is. The process requires FFDN to send a member of the CNSIG (me will do) the answer to a set of questions. They will be presented to the CNSIG council and based on them and the endorsements the members might give the proposal is accepted or not. I urge you to send us the answers so i can forward it right away!
Sure! Well, the last question complicated things a bit, since we have 4 persons interested and not yet decided who the 3 representatives will be.
Name of the organization:
FFDN (Fédération FDN) https://www.ffdn.org/
Country where you operate:
France, Belgium
Brief description:
Federation of non-profit community ISPs Created in 2010 starting from the oldest active French ISP (FDN, founded in 1992) when, instead of growing in numbers, it was decided that it would spread and create other like-minded ISPs. We are now around 30 community ISPs gathering more than 4000 persons. We operate through wifi bridges, telephonic lines (state-owned but with a public service obligation), and fiber. Our different ISPs
Areas of interest:
Volounteering, non for profit, solidarity, democratic functioning, community networks, participatory network governance, network regulation, fiber access networks, network neutrality, regional digital planning, freedom of speech on the internet, knowledge sharing. FFDN and the ISPs member led several judicial actions in order to have the judicial power censor some laws that they considered as liberticide, regularly replies to the telecommunication regulator requests for comments, tries to influence the legislative process by bringing the voice of those who need internet access as a right and not as a market product.
Representatives (up to 3):
We have 4 persons who expressed interest in representing the FFDN. Just discovered that there should be only 3, I have asked them to discuss that internally. * Félix Tréguer: co-founder of La Quadrature du Net (a French EFF), member of FDN (oldest active French ISP, community-owned), researcher (participated in the European NetCommons project), member of a working group who led several judicial actions to force the abolition of anticonstitutional laws * Vi: member of La Quadrature du Net (a French EFF), researcher (participated in the European NetCommons project), member of a working group who led several judicial actions to force the abolition of anticonstitutional laws, member of Franciliens.net (community ISP in the Paris region), participated in the Battlemesh 12 organization * Baptiste Jonglez: researcher, participated in the Babel 9 implementation, participated in the Battlemesh 12 organization, organized Babel Wireless Mesh hackathon in 2013, member of several community ISPs, and especially Rézine (Grenoble area) * Korbak: member of the community ISP in the Bordeaux area
Be as descriptive as possible, this will allow us to know you better.
Tried to! Let me know if you need me to expend some paragraphs. Bests, Daniele

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