Hi Thiago and Panos,

If you would like to draft a statement I believe we can move this into an action plan.

I am against the PIR sale, but don't have time to enter the discussion. I can however support a statement and we can publish it if there is majority approval.

On the other hand, we need to address our organizational pending tasks or we risk loosing the CNSIG altogether...

please check my previous email on this matter.


On February 18, 2020 8:39:30 AM GMT-03:00, panayotis antoniadis <panayotis@nethood.org> wrote:

Dear all,

My personal opinion is that it is important as CNSIG to take a position
for such a crucial matter.

Many EU Chapters are doing so:

CNs is a really delicate concept, with the line between empowering
communities and exploiting them very thin.

And exactly because CNs are used as an excuse in this debate, I think it
is a matter of credibility for CNSIG to act as representative for CNs
all over the world to take a position based on values and not financial

But if the majority here thinks that "real politiks" is the best
strategy, I understand and I would simply exclude myself from this group.

The truth is that my stakes are much lower than most of the people here,
since the only very small CN I helped to create, the network in Exarchia
Athens offering access to refugee squats in the neighbourhood, is not
existent any more (all squats have been evacuated by the police).

So, I really understand that people are afraid to loose critical support
for their projects and it is not a coincidence that it is mostly EU
chapters that have publicly opposed the .ORG sale.

But life is full of hard choices, and I have made mine even if in a more
"comfortable" position than others (but not sure for how long): Dignity
is more important, and more healthy, than dirty money :-)



On 07.12.19 20:40, novaes@riseup.net wrote:
Hi Panos, all

Great to hear from you!

Personally, I think this decision is a disaster for the Internet in
general, not only for the "reputation" of ISOC.

If CNSIG would like to take a position, maybe it's time to do it now
(even though it would mean not really much in the process in my
opinion). I vote against selling a common good to Ethos Capital.

My aim was to advise that ISOC is using CN as an excuse, and we should
be aware of it. Besides the advice, as a SIG inside ISOC, real politiks
could be useful for the development of CN; if not now, in the near
future, CNSIG could play an important role in demanding programs and
funds based on ISOC own public discourse, that's all.

On 2019-12-07 15:28, panayotis antoniadis wrote:
Hi all,

Just to say that I am involved in this debate through the ISOC
Switzerland Chapter, which has joined the "opposition" to this decision
together with a few other chapters, especially because of the
non-transparent way that this was made.

My opinion is that independently from the decision making process, this
is a bad development that can harm significantly the reputation of ISOC.
I am not sure if it is still possible to stop it, but I don't feel like
"building on it", at least not at this stage.

For now I would ask if the CNSIG would be willing to take actually a
position on the selling of .org to a private firm.

Btw, the Swiss chapter recently received the news that we got a Beyond
the Net Grant to run a platform (a monthly gathering in NetHood's new
space in Zurich, http://langstrasse200.ch/) for "digital self-defense"
in collaboration with different organizations including the
pep.foundation, CCC Switzerland, the University of Zurich and more.



On 05.12.19 23:20, novaes@riseup.net wrote:
Dear Colleagues,

You're probably aware of the fact that ISOC sold .org to Ethos Capital
(I was just reading the transcript):


What seems relevant for CNSIG is that one of the arguments used to
justify the transaction was "connecting the unconnected":

"Gonzalo Camarillo: So this actually allows us to fulfill the mission,
which I think has been stated several times. It's very wide and when it
comes, for example, with connecting the unconnected, we are talking
about like 4 billion people that could be basically positively affected
with this". (p.26)

Maybe it would be opportune for the CNSIG to organize it better in order
to demand funds/programs more specifically designed to CN goals (I take
this moment to congratulate Sarantaporo!). What do you think?

all best,

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