Myself and Thiago Novaes (not to mention Panos, Monic, Gio) took part of the CNSIG panel at Mesh is in the AIr this year in Berlin.

We also gave a  presentation on CNs in Brazil at the same event.

On Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 6:47 PM Vasilis Chryssos <> wrote:
Hi Nico, all,

I participated in the IETF101, London. My presentation here.
An article of mine that followed in APNIC here.

I did the same presentation at the CommonsFest (link in Greek), Heraklion, Crete.

I presented the work of in TEDxLesvos
(not under the CNSIG 'hat', but I mentioned CNSIG in my talk - in Greek, no subs.. yet)

Last, but not least, I participated at the IGF2018 in Paris.

PS: excuse my brevity, but for the past few days I have a problem with my eyes that prohibits me to sit in front of the screen..

I wish a great New community Year to all,


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Στις Σάβ, 15 Δεκ 2018 στις 11:42 μ.μ., ο/η Nicolás Echániz <> έγραψε:
Hi all,

We have received communication from ISOC regarding the annual chapters
and SIGs evaluation. This requires completing information in the online
ISOC platform which I'll be doing soon.

Those who have participated in events using the "CNSIG hat", please send
a one paragraph summary (and any relevant links) so we can add it to the
activities form in the platform. Out of the top of my head I can
remember participation in "Mesh is in the air", participation in two
african events, participation/organization of the LAC CN Summit and
participation in the IGF2018 after-event meeting.

We also need to organize our annual Council Meeting.

An important excerpt from the Bylaws[1]:

The officers of the Executive council shall be Chair, Vice Chair,
Secretary and Treasurer.
Alternate members must be appointed for Secretary and Treasurer.
The officers shall be elected at the Annual Council Meeting. Officers
must be members
-representing an Organization- of the Executive Council to be elegible
for office.
Officers shall take office immediately upon election and serve until
their successor is elected. They
shall serve for one (1) year. Consecutive re-election to occupy any
office will only be allowed for
three terms.
All candidates to officer positions shall present their candidacy,
including a program and a
declaration of interests, at least 30 business days before the Annual
Council meeting.

The Annual Council meeting shall be held at the last meeting of the
program year. At this meeting,
the Secretary and Treasurer each shall
 present a report. Also, the election of officers for the
Council, Standing committees and temporary committees shall be held.
Also, the Chair shall announce the results of the election of officers
which may have been held
through e-mail ballot, for the coming year


These are our current executive council officers:

Chair                   Nicolás Echániz
Vice Chair              Sol Luca de Tena
Treasurer               Karla Velasco
Alternate Treasurer     Gioacchino Mazzurco
Secretary               Manuela González Ursi
Alternate Secretary     Peter Bloom

So, according to our bylaws, anyone willing to be considered for a
position should "present their candidacy, including a program and a
declaration of interests, at least 30 business days before the Annual
Council meeting."  Please do so soon!

According to these requirements, the meeting will need to occur during
the last weeks of January.

Let's decide on a suitable meeting date; can someone get on top of
coordinating this?



Council mailing list
Council mailing list

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