Hi all, 

Thanks Nico P for this. I agree this is a great opportunity and I agree with your framework. Also related, Nico E and I had a meeting with two of the coordinators of Chapters/SIGs in ISOC - Kyle and Christine. Summarising and answering some of the queries posed by Nico P; they said that each Chapter/SIG could receive 1, maybe 2 grants. What I understood is that SIGs are considered global groups and therefore projects should deal with transnational/ transregional issues (where Chapter have more regional focus). They also mentioned that while the grants are awarded to the SIG there is a choice of who participates - meaning either all organisations participate, or only those who are interested. We also need to keep in mind that the grant application closes on the 15th May, so we need to act quickly if we want to use this opportunity. 

In terms of topics, two ideas from my side.
1) I think 'exchange of experience' is highly under rated. I think if we had the means to spend time in understanding each other's organisations and our practices better we would learn a lot. I mean a more long term, funded exchange, where maybe we can visit each other and learn on site. I have spoken to many of you and each time I learn something new and applicable to solve an issue we have. These conversations however are usually rushed, over email or over coffee at a Summit. I think we could propose an exchange program between CNs, and then highlight a few key issues (I propose one below) that we can address and create some sort of outcome with (Best practices?Golden tips?Benefits of CNs?). 

2) in term of topics to discuss (or exchange experience on) I am personally very interested in the issues/challenges of creating a just governance structure (and business structure) that is sustainable and people-centred. In our South African context the "just" refers specifically to the inequality that permeates South Africa's social-economic context, but I think its also relevant to all CNs. Its about finding practical, sound ways to practice as organisations that are more people-centred, and that eventually dont depend on grants.

Who's keen? 

If you are keen please send a message and Ill set up a doodle so we can meet and make a proposal. 



2018-04-29 22:33 GMT+02:00 panayotis antoniadis <panayotis@nethood.org>:

Hi all,

Were there any news regarding the BeyondTheNet grant application?

Personally I would be willing to contribute to a "CNSIG-wide"
application which could be used as a "template" from local chapters and
also other possible opportunities for funding in the future. Such a
template could be actually a nice contribution of the CNSIG.

For this, I will be available the week of the battle of the mesh, May
7-13 (from May 7-9 I will be at home on my computer) and in Berlin we
could perhaps discuss some of the points with the CNSIGers face-to-face.

Here is a pad to organize the work :-)


Perhaps to add on the top of the pad the names of those interested and
create a smaller e-mail list to coordinate?



On 13.04.2018 04:06, Nicolas Pace wrote:
> Hi Fellows,
> The BeyondTheNet Medium and Large Projects call is open till 2018-05-15
> , so we have aproximately one month to present proposals, both at the
> local chapters and as a SIG:
> https://internetsociety.org/beyond-the-net/medium-large-scale-projects/
> 25 projects out of ~200 projects were accepted last year based on
> estimations done using the data here:
> https://www.internetsociety.org/beyond-the-net/grants/
> And of those, 7 were about CN related topics.
> Access and Development is one of the key areas for this call, and this
> makes projects associated with Community Networks of special interest,
> and of course the other key areas: Standards, Policy and Enabling
> sustainable development.
> Discussing with NicoE we see that this a big opportunity for us as
> Group of CNs speaking by themselves:
> * a chance for all of us to get an important push by this fund
> * an opportunity for the CNSIG to show that we represent the interests
> of the Communities, and to help the Local Chapters acknowledge and
> validate this representation
> * the chance to coordinate efforts among ourselves to augment our
> chance to do impact
> * a way for us to speak strongly about what are our needs and our way
> of dealing with them
> For that, would like to propose:
> * let each other know who wants to participate and on what you might be
> interested in participating
> * if possible, work together on common areas
> * split projects in network deployment kickstart/scaling and local
> capacity building projects (more tightly coupled to a Chapter), and
> technology development projects (more associated to a collective
> benefit, would say to the whole SIG).
> * do endorcement letters for all projects that came from members of the
> cnsig
> * announce in the cnsig.info page the projects that have been submitted
> What do you think?
> Also, would like to send this Questions to ask to Beyond The Net fund
> (Ilda I guesS):
> * Is there a minimum or maximum amount of projects going to be approved
> for each chapter/SIG? This will allow us to strategize properly how to
> ask for the funds.
> * Is there a minimum or maximum amount of projects going to be approved
> for each Focus Area (CN, Standards, Policy, Sustainability) per
> Chapter/SIG? That will allow us to push the idea that CNSIG endorsed
> projects should be approved.
> * Can global actors work together in proposals and present them in
> different regions for applying them in their respective regions? That
> will allow us to write proposals together instead of individually, and
> do a collective plan that has local implementation.
> Regards,
> FYI The list of presented projects, and rejection/approval, can be seen
> here:
> https://www.internetsociety.org/beyond-the-net/grants/applications/
> Apparently only June-2017 were loaded there.
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