Hi all, since I will not be present in the meeting I want to share some input here. Note, my colleague, Shaun Pather, will be attend the meeting and he will be able to engage further on these issues and bring back your input. 

1) There are already existing communication channels between CNs in the African continent. ISOC itself has an email list, cn-africa@elists.isoc.org, as well as a whatsapp group focused specifically on CNs. The list/ whatsapp group is quite active, and is open to all. These stem primarily from past African Summits on CNs (which this year was celebrated for the 3rd time), and also from long standing relationships between CNs. There are also groups, such as the ISOC Chapters which - in line with the ISOC strategy - have been more focused on supporting CNs in the continent. After exchanging some thoughts with African peers, it seems that there is no need for an African email list from the CNSIG. I still think the CNSIG would benefit greatly from learning about/ from the African CNs, and visa versa.

I propose we decide on a strategy in which the CNSIG can have activities and communicate effectively with the African community and that we use the ISOC cn africa list as a partner to the CNSIG. In this case, and also for any regional groups, it is important to agree on what official relationship there will be between the CNSIG and the regional mailing lists/ partners.

2) Global CN Summit, I am keen on having one in 2019. I think we need to include African CNs - even if they are not in the CNSIG. Following on my point above I propose that this summit focuses partly on a learning experience between CNs and it should be an opportunity to have a good look at what CNs are about in different parts of the world; their diversity of context, their format/ organisation, drivers/ why they exists and strategies for sustainability/ how they exist.

All the best to those attending the IGF, and to the rest too!

El jue., 8 nov. 2018 a las 18:35, Nicolás Echániz (<nicoechaniz@altermundi.net>) escribió:
Hi everyone,

The IGF in Paris is almost here. Panos and NicoPace have confirmed a
location for our gathering:

Gaite Lyrique
3bis Rue Papin, 75003 Paris

The CNSIG meeting will occur the 15th starting at 9AM and ending at noon.

In the afternoon we will have an open meeting with other people that are
related to Community Networks issues in the same location.

Our proposed meetig agenda so far:

- what is the role of our Trusted Advisors, how do we invite them to get
more involved in the CNSIG?

- LAC Summit document[1]. Does the global CNSIG wish to discuss and/or
support the document?

- Regional CNSIG groups. We have created the LAC CNSIG group, Sol is
working on the African group. Does it make sense to create similar
initiatives for other regions? How do regional groups integrate with the
global CNSIG.

- Global Community Networks summit. Do we want to be in charge of such
an event? Who can help make it happen? ISOC will very probably provide
funding during 2019.

- Why have we created the CNSIG and what do we want to do with it?

- Update of the work that we have done until now.

- Sol would like to share about the African base CNs, the  communication
channels that could be most effective and the relation to  the CNSIG.

- Appropriation of the community network narrative and avoiding to
become "cheap labor" for "connecting the unconnected" to Facebook and
Google's servers.

Matters that we consider to be more general and less directly related to
the CNSIG can be discussed in the afternoon in the open meeting.

CNSIG members attending IGF in Paris:
(if you are attending and your name is not there, raise your hand)

Karla Velasco
John Dada
Peter Bloom
Nico Echaniz
Nico Pace
Panayotis Antoniadis
Erick Huerta Velázquez
Ramón Roca
Roger Baig
Shaun Pather
Vasilis Chryssos
Hiure Queiroz
Damián Cejas
Gioacchino Mazzurco
Gui Iribarren
Mai Sutton

I would like to create a temporary whatsapp or telegram group so we can
easily coordinate during the event, comment on interesting sessions,
organize for off-the-event activities, etc.

I don't have everyone's contact, so if you are OK with being added to
the temporary group, please send me a message to this number:
+549 3547 656593



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