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Cuenten conmigo :)

Il 27/06/20 16:40, bruno vianna ha scritto:
We already have two new posts!

May I also suggest a meeting to discuss our next activities?
Many  ideas came out of an internal discussion at Coolab.

On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 11:43 AM panayotis antoniadis <panayotis@nethood.org>

Hi all,

Yes, I think this is a good idea anyway and I can make it on Tuesday.

Where shall we meet? Perhaps to create a somehow "permanent" online
space (jit.si or BBB) for catching up from time to time?

(unfortunately I cannot help with the blog entry but I think it is ready
to publish)

On 27.06.20 11:01, bruno vianna wrote:
If anyone wants to work together on the site, today Saturday  at 17:00
UTC is a good time for me.

On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 4:25 AM Jesica <giudicejesica@altermundi.net
<mailto:giudicejesica@altermundi.net>> wrote:

    If you accept my proposal, a possible blog entry could be...

    (Sorry for the untimely proposal ... we are running out of time)

    *Community Networks Webinar*

    Presentation and debate between representatives of community
    networks and organizations promoting community networks.

    Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020

    Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. UTC


    * State of our organizations and community networks.

    * Current needs and problems.

    * Strategies for promoting community networks.

    * Actions on regulatory incidence in our countries.

    * Community networks and public policies.

    More details will be published soon.


    Reunión virtual de Redes Comunitarias

    Presentación y debate entre representantes de redes comunitarias y
    organizaciones promotoras de redes comunitarias.

    Fecha: martes 28 de Julio, 2020

    Hora: 11:00am a 13:00 p.m. UTC

    Temas a tratar:

    * Estado de nuestas organizaciones y redes comunitarias.

    * Necesidades y problemas actuales.

    * Estrategias para promoción de redes comunitarias.

    * Acciones sobre incidencia regulatoria en nuestros países.

    * Redes comunitarias y políticas públicas.

    Más detalles serán publicados pronto.

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    Data:     Fri, 26 Jun 2020 21:38:35 -0300
    Mittente:         Jesica <giudicejesica@altermundi.net>
    A:        CNSIG Council <council@lists.cnsig.info>

    English (Español abajo)



    there is an urgent need to add a blog post on cnsig.info
    <http://cnsig.info>, referring to
    an activity of this year.

    Finally ISOC were able to express clearly that this was what they
    expecting, however, I cannot spend the day publishing something
    that has
    already happened. I propose to you to take the opportunity to hold a
    virtual meeting to discuss what we are in, what we need, what
    we envision for the promotion and sustainability of community
    To say a date, I propose Tuesday July 28, 2020, 11UTC.

    Any other proposal that can be followed in 24 hours? Do you want to
    carry out this meeting, even if some other proposal comes up?

    By publishing the projection of this meeting, I think it is enough
    ISOC's demands.




    es urgente agregar una entrada de blog en cnsig.info
    <http://cnsig.info>, con referencia a
    una actividad de este año.

    Recién pudieron de ISOC expresar claramente que esto era lo que
    esperando, sin embargo, no puedo dedicarme el día a publicar algo
    que ya
    haya sucedido. Les propongo aprovechar la oportunidad para
    realizar una
    reunión virtual para contarnos en qué estamos, qué necesitamos, qué
    estrategias visualizamos para la promoción y sostenibilidad de las
    comunitarias. Por decir una fecha, propongo el martes 28 de julio de
    2020, 11UTC.

    Alguna otra propuesta que le puedan dar curso en 24hs? Les parece si
    llevamos adelante esta reunión, sea la única propuesta o así surja
    alguna otra?

    Con publicar la proyección de esta reunión, creo que es suficiente
    las exigencias de ISOC.

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    Council@lists.cnsig.info <mailto:Council@lists.cnsig.info>


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Council mailing list
Council mailing list

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