Dear colleagues,


I would like to thank – also on behalf of my coeditor Nicolo – the various members of this list who have submitted highly interesting papers for the Special Issue on Platform Values: Conflicting Rights, AI and Tax Avoidance and have helped organising the IGF session where the SI will be released and debated with other stakeholders.


Free hard copies of the Special Issue will be distributed at the session that will take place on 27 November from 15:00 to 16:30


Here is a long description of the session


Below a shorter description of the session and the table of content of the SI.

I hope to meet some of you at the IGF

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Platform Values: Conflicting Rights, AI and Tax Avoidance


This session will discuss three of the most crucial points of contention with regard to values underlying the operation of digital platforms: Conflicting Rights, Artificial Intelligence and Tax Avoidance.


The session will include presentations based on the papers featured in a special issue of the Computer Law & Security Review, celebrating five years of activities of the UN IGF Coalition on Platform Responsibility and devoted to 'Platform Value(s): Conflicting Rights, Artificial Intelligence and Tax Avoidance'.


The Special Issue, which is the 2019 official outcome of the coalition, will include also the finalised Best Practices on Platforms' Implementation on the Right to Effective Remedy, produced by the Coalition between May 2018 and March 2019 (available here). Free hard copies of the Special Issue will be distributed. 

The Special Issue will also be released in open access starting 27 November 2019. In the meantime, you can read the editorial "Platform value(s): A multidimensional framework for online responsibility" here.


The session will have the following agenda:



Part I- Platform Values, Freedom of Expression and Democracy

Quick round of questions


Part II: Platform values and content moderation

Quick round of questions


Part III: Conflcting rights and values

 Open Debate



Table of contents of the Special Issue


Luca Belli and Nicolo Zingales 


Introductory Essays


José van Dijck

Nicolas Suzor

Harold Feld


Conflicting Rights


Sofia Ranchordas and Catalina Goanta

Engerrand Marique and Yseult Marique

Ivar Hartmann


Artificial Intelligence


Rolf H. Weber

Giovanni De Gregorio

Chris Marsden, Trisha Meyer and Ian Brown


Tax Avoidance


Alessandro Turina

Luisa Scarcella



Collectively elaborated by members of the IGF Coalition on Platform Responsibility


Luca Belli, PhD
Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, FGV Law School, Rio de Janeiro 
Chercheur Associé, Centre de Droit Public Comparé, Université Paris 2 |
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