Dear Luca and Nicolo
I'm glad to continue playing an active role in the DC and I'm optimistic that the IGF can take place in November.
Happy Easter, stay safe and all the best
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Betreff: [CPR] Platform Regulations Glossary for IGF 2020

Dear all,


Hopefully this email finds you well and in good health in these troubled times. Its goal is to solicit your input into work to be developed as coalition 2020 output and the organisation of the annual IGF meeting.


As you might know, the IGF Secretariat recently issued its call for proposals for workshops and DC meetings for the next IGF, which should in principle (Coronavirus permitting) take place in Poland on 2-6 November. As one of the Dynamic Coalitions, we can reserve a slot by showing that we have been working on some form of output; therefore, we would like to hereby launch a process of implementation of the main suggestions made in our informal meeting at the 2019 IGF, i.e. to create a Glossary of key terms on platform law and policy, so as to provide a common language for academics, regulators and policy-makers when discussing issues of platform responsibility.


As usual, we rely on spontaneous contributions of members of this list, and thus we let the list of terms be shaped by your intuition of what is most useful. Here is a shared document where you can indicate terms for which you could provide a definition, in clear and objective terms. Some examples of key concepts are listed in the document, but please feel free to add more. Definitions could vary in length and focus (and the more nuance the better), but we would aim this to be a “living document” where we can bring together contributions from a range of disciplines and vocabularies. So, by all means, do not hesitate to put your name if you are inclined to provide a definition for a particular term in the list, even if someone else has already indicated their availability to do so. We will then help coordinate to ensure that the inputs from multiple contributors are complementary, rather than duplicating efforts.


At this point, we would like to simply receive your feedback as regards your interest in the development of the glossary and to participate in the DCPR session as a speaker (the former being a prerequisite for the latter). Our proposed plan (on which we welcome any feedback) is the following:


1) by 15 April: receive your expressions of interest  for the development of the Glossary and participation to the session, so that we can submit a request for an IGF 2020 Session of the Coalition (the deadline is the 22of April)


2) by 15 May: consolidate your proposed terms and share a first drafts of the list of terms that will compose the Glossary, to which you can add further terms or express your feedback until the 30th of May.


3) by 30 June: those who have expressed interest regarding the elaboration of specific terms will add their proposed definitions (ideally between 100 and 1000 words) to the shared document


4) by 30 July: we will allow all coalition members to share further updates and/or add alternative definitions to the list of proposed definitions


5) by 30 August we will have a finalised version of the Glossary that we can proofread and send to our designer to print a booklet that will be circulated at the IGF with acknowledgment of contributors.


Any comments are very welcome!


Best regards


Luca and Nicolo
Luca Belli, PhD
Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, FGV Law School, Rio de Janeiro 
Chercheur Associé, Centre de Droit Public Comparé, Université Paris 2  |  |
t: @1lucabelli
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