Dear all

I hope you and your families are doing well in these troubled times

This email is to let you know we are launching today the online symposium on The Value of Internet Openness at Times of Covid19 (short title: Internet Openness & Covid19)

Here is the introductory essay:

Tomorrow we will have the pleasure of having Vint Cerf opening essay and then we will have two weeks of truly fantastic contributions.

I am building a twitter thread to include all the links to the essays over the next two weeks. In case you are interested, see the start here

Updated versions of all the essays will be included in a booklet on "The Value of Internet Openness at Times of Crises" to be released at the IGF as a joint outcome of the DCs on Net Neutrality and on Community Connectivity, in partnership with DEF India and CyberBRICS.

All the best