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Hi all,


As discussed over the past weeks, it could be interesting to elaborate a DC3 Report, to compile the resources that we already have on Community Networks, as well as new papers, and use it to spread knowledge on CN.


Below the DRAFT Call for Papers for the First DC3 Report

Feel free to modify the Call using this pad https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/DRAFT_Call_for_Papers_DC3

Please add your suggestions and modifications by 20 May





First Report of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity


DRAFT Call for Papers





The need for a Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity (DC3) emerged during the IGF workshop 223 "Community Networks: a Revolutionary Paradigm", held in João Pessoa, during the 10th IGF. Workshop participants agreed on the potential of community networks in order to promote sustainable Internet connectivity and foster the full enjoyment of fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and self-determination. Participants stressed the need to move forward the discussion on community networks and further analyse how such networks may be used to foster sustainable Internet connectivity while empowering Internet users. During the workshop, consensus emerged with regard to the need for international cooperation aimed at fostering synergy and coordination amongst different community networks. Such cooperation may be particularly useful in order to identify:

·         best practices for the development and maintenance of community networks;

·         sustainable organisational and financial models for community networks;

·         efficient software and hardware technology.


To address the aforementioned issues while fostering cooperation, many participants expressed interest with regard to the establishment of a new IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity.   




The Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity, established under the auspices of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, invites all interested individuals to submit position papers analysing the issues of connectivity and community networking.


Suggested topics include analyses of, inter alia:


·         Case studies of existing CN

·         Public policies fostering community networks (CN)

·         Examples of efforts aimed at creating synergies/communication amongst different CN

·         Taxonomies of CN (e.g. rural CN, urban CN, etc.) and best practices that can make such categories of CN efficient and resilient both from a technical and organizational perspective;

·         Best practices and worst practices as regards national and international policies that facilitate or hinder the deployment of community networks.

·         Strategies to promote the deployment of CN in remote areas.


Submission Guidelines:


Research papers, including analytical and theoretical papers, position papers, or case studies will be considered for inclusion in the report, even if they have been previously published. The length of the submissions should be between 2500 and 5000 words. To facilitate the reviewing process, papers should not include author names or other information that would help identify the authors.


All paper shall be in English or Spanish language. Citations should be in APA 6 style and authors shall use footnotes rather than endnotes.


Submissions are due on 20th July 2016. They should include the following elements:

·         Title

·         Short abstract (250 words)

·         Original contribution

·         Author’s name, afliation and short bibliographical note (in the body of the email).


Submissions should be sent to ----

Authors will be notied within approximately 10 days from the deadline as to the status of their contributions.


All submitted papers will be subject to peer review. Every author submitting a paper will be asked to peer review another submission, which will be judged according to the novelty of the contribution, the theoretical soundness and the quality of presentation.


Authors will be given the opportunity to improve their contributions based on peer comments. Selected papers will be published in the Dynamic Coalition report, which will be published under Creative Commons licenses.


Some of the authors will also be invited (at their own expenses) to present their work at the annual DC meeting to be held at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, on 6-9 December, in Guadalajara Mexico.




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