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From: gaia <> on behalf of Leandro Navarro <>
Date: Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 9:37 AM
To: "" <>
Subject: [gaia] IETF 102 - Montreal, Canada - 14-20 July - WG Meeting


Hi everyone in GAIA, 


We’ll have a WG meeting as part of IETF 102 in Montreal. The exact day/time is not yet defined, but will be after ANRW’18 (Monday July 16).


As with previous meetings, this is a great opportunity for those nearby to meet, share ideas, talk about projects, research, results, plans and discuss. Remote participation and presentation will be available.


The event will have one part for presentations, and another to discuss about best current practices (and draft a document out of that).


If you plan to come and present let us know off-list so we can prepare the agenda. Tell us before the end of this month to allocate a few slots, with preference for diversity (new speakers), and order of arrival. 


Regarding best current practices, our working idea is to collect case studies about different ways to develop networking infrastructures and services. Let us know if you have ideas about how to structure the document, its content, or willing to report on a specific experience. There are related reports or developments, please share to build a good list of sources, collaborations, references to develop this document.


We can have a conference call sometime in June to discuss and prepare a proposal to discuss in our IETF 102 meeting.


Regards, Jane and Leandro.