Dear DC

A question please. Reflecting on WSIS, ITU deals with connectivity as IGF does.For the full meaningful citizen access experience, a device is typically required too. Is there a UN Agency that deals with advocating the provision of ICT devices, e.g Tablet for All or does that come under IGF DESA only?

The other thought was, in business right now, lots of discussion of what the new normal will look like post Covid19 critical pandemic times. Issues of sustainable connectivity and betterment there-of, as well as now a dependence on internet to provide e-solutions for ebusiness and egovernment alike . Temporary measures are now here to stay for all time, as cost effectiveness or return on investement can be realized.  Is this something that we should discuss please ? 

Amali De Silva - Mitchell

Amali De Silva-Mitchell MSc.CPA,CMA