Luca , sorry if I posted 2 links without prefixing them...

The one on children highlights the areas that should also get considered for CN service for marginalized groups such as street kids etc. For the future it outlines the areas often  missed by policy makers in times of low budget. Eg we once had a project with street youth in Brazil and the Canadian circus to build skills bUT closed when there is no budget and even the circus cutback. Corvid19 will create a low budget environment. Let's be prepared. But don't forget please all.

Link  on Plato and AI highlights what can happen as AI takes a larger role in community networks delivery as the underlying infrastructure will do for the future. As top layer userv how are we going to class ourselves and it will not be the same across cultures.

 It's food for thought for the future please....some have No voice and C stands for All in CN. ...

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