Although I'd like us to have a roundtable moment and be all nice and relaxed, wasn't Vint Cerf coming to open our gathering on the fifth? Surely the biggest advantage of that was to attract attention to our project? On the tenth, on the other hand, we'd like to get as many people as possible to join our group, so that won't really work either. I suggest we'd take an hour during the IGF and book a spare meeting room or some other space OR have an hour or two before Vint turns up.

We do need a database for the community networks and we'd also need to start drawing conclusions from it, i.e. what is the best solution of software and hardware to build a community network. I will be in Guadalajara from 1.12.-11.12. so basically open to suggestions on meeting about DC3 over a pint or in a more official manner. :)


On 17 November 2016 at 08:06, Nicolás Echániz <> wrote:
I've checked some dates now that the schedule is online:

So, these are the DC3-related activities during IGF 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico

1) An IGF pre-event on the afternoon of 5 December (IGF Day 0)

2) Disco-Tech, on the evening of 5 December (last years’ programme )

3) DC on Community Connectivity, December  7, 12:00 - 13:30
   featuring the authors of the papers included  in the DC3 Report

4) WS238: Community Connectivity: empowering the unconnected. December  7, 15:00 - 16:30

5) Post-IGF event on community networking, on 10 December, 10:00 - 17:00. University of Guadalajara. Open to interested people.

I'd like us to plan a bit so we can make the most of all these sessions.

Activities 3 and 4 don't seem to need any further planning. Do they?

Disco-Tech needs to be coordinated among APC, DC3 and other interested parties. I'm not aware of any planification about this so far.

Regarding the pre and post evente, I believe we should have some time for a DC3 "internal meeting" that's not open to the general public but rather more of a round table like the one we had in Bogotá. Jane has told me the idea during the post-event is to make it open, so that would leave the pre-event for a more inner DC3 meeting. Or maybe we could plan to make part of the post-event dedicated to inner planning and discussion and another part open to the public?

The purpose of such inner meeting for me is to come together, have everyone update the group on what are the news, the ongoing activities and plans ahead.

For example, we have discussed previously about the importance of having a presence and some clear objectives for the 2017 World Telecommunication Development Conference ( but so far we haven't discussed about this on the DC3 list. This to me is an important topic to discuss in person so we can maximize results.
This was proposed by Rhizomatica and most of us (present in Bogotá) agreed that it's important to push the Community Connectivity perspective there, considering results from that conference can have more binding outcomes than other events.

We have also talked about working on creating a global Community Networks database that we can keep updated over time. This was discussed a bit on the "Network Communities data" thread[1]. It was also brought up again by Conraad lately in the "Rural access success stories" thread[2]; with a different perspective.

My approach to this is to frame it in the lines of what PCC.I/RES.268 from CITEL's 2016 meeting in El Salvador[3] says:

a) Documentation, systematization, sharing, and dissemination of results and experiences of national initiatives  related  to  the  implementation  of  Recommendation  ITU-D  19 [4]  as  it  pertains  to  the development  of  small  nonprofit  community  operators  that  serve  the  communications  needs  of these (rural and remote) areas.

I believe this would put the DC3 in a position of visibility in the American continent (CITEL) but also elsewhere, as a point of reference regarding the issues we address.

I guess we have many other important matters to discuss. I'd very much like the DC3 to be a proactive collective and not just a "community connectivity think tank"... YMMV :)

Sorry for the long e-mail... I've been wanting to propose this for quite some time but had no opportunity to write before.


[3] (spanish)

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