This note is off topic but I wanted to find out if anyone knows where the 2004 Berkman (Harvard MIT)  Center WSIS wiki..of articles (extensive ) submitted   for the International IT journal is now housed please. It was a history of opinions ...appreciate any information on its whereabouts ...many thanks 
Amali De Silva-Mitchell 

On Sat, 28 Mar 2020 11:14 quiliro, <> wrote:
Kira Allmann <> writes:

> Hi Quiliro,
> I hope you were able to tune in via the ISOC livestream, but joly is
> also correct that the video will be available on the PCMLP youtube
> channel soon, which I believe is WebM. (But I'm no expert on that!)

I was not able to watch it because of the Javascript trap. Will check
that channel. Thank you.

> If you have comments/questions you'd like to ask related to the video,
> please feel free to send those to me, and we'll answer them and add
> them to the YouTube description.

I suggest to host on community resources or better yet, on your own
infrastructure. I am aware that is not an easy decision. But it is the
only self-respecting one because Youtube attacks our rights every day. I
hope you can do it someday, and do understand that it was not possible
for you this time.

Thank you very much for this material.
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