Thanks Steve and Michael!
is there any suggestion regarding a tool to have a common calendar?
Could be google calendar or any alternative.

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FWIW, in terms of tools, I am impressed by what I have seen of so far.

Cheers... Steve

On 20 January 2017 at 05:19, Michael Oghia <> wrote:
Hi Luca, all:

I formatted the notes on MS Word and printed to PDF. There is at least one action item we need to follow up on:

"we need to decide if item 4 of the Declaration will be a separate document or not."

Also, I added text about taking into account how to organize resources in different languages.


On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 1:59 AM, Luca Belli <> wrote:

Hi all,

Here are the minutes of today’s call.

Please add any item we may have forgotten




1.       Brief review of the last DC3 meeting in Guadalajara, at University of Guadalajara, MX

- The meeting was divided in 4 segments: training, policy, technical and sustainability

       2.    Resources and material on the DC3 website ( )

                - The web page for resources and material on CNs need to be consolidated;

- Resources and Material will be classified according to their different type. E.g. academic publications, short articles, video, etc;

                - For training material it may be necessary a separated web page;

- It was suggested to offer pages for efforts that want to give an overview of their activities just to make more people aware of them.

                - A call for materials/resources will be launched on the DC3 list;

       3.   CNs events

- We need a an agenda of CNs events around the world, with tags or different colours categorizing events with different natures (eg., trainings, multistakeholder workshops, policy conferences, civil society meetings)

- Upcoming meeting and events:

·         Workshop on Community Connectivity at FGV Rio de Janeiro

·         RightsCon (DC3 and Article19 presented workshop proposals):

·         Interdisciplinary workshop on DIY and community networking (Stockholm):

·         EuroDig:

·         Stockholm Internet Festival:

·         Internet Freedom Festival:

·         Battle of the Mesh:

·         Nanaandawewigamig :

- We need to identify a proper tool for a collective agenda; it may be better to avoid tools that require the use of a gmail account

     4.      DC3 Declaration


- A final request for comments will be shared on the list. So far, the Declaration has been open for comments and updated for more than 4 months. 

- Open questions: we need to decide if item 4 of the Declaration will be a separated document or not.

5.            Publications

-  GISWatch 2017 theme will be community networks. Mike will speak with Anriette to check if DC3 an APC can combine efforts.

-  The goal of a possible DC3-APC cooperation would be to avoid redundancy. GISwatch and DC3 Report have different format. Options for potential synergies will be discussed in the DC3 list

- Call for papers for the DC3 report to be discussed on DC3 list

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