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As the IGF is approaching, and there are so many sessions looking at how can we really connect the next billion, it is perfect timing to invite you to explore the Final Report produced by the team of the LibreRouter project, available for download from the Seed Alliance website.



The work of the Seed Alliance to support Community Wireless has been funded over the last 2 years by IDRC and it will be enhanced by the contribution from Internet Society so we see this report as a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what comes next and the challenges ahead, not only for those on the field working so hard to get this ideas off the grown and into working products, but for all of us, committed to expand and improve local access.


Your friends and colleagues Carlos and Nico, and all the people that has rooted for them and got on board this project (mentioned on the report) deserve an applause! Well done! I hope it is just the beginning for LibreRouter and that we will continue to learn more as the devices get deployed and more networks get connected.


LibreRouter team will be at the IGF, and presenting at the WS Workshop 71 about devices/infrastructure, content and innovative business models as drivers for connectivity http://sched.co/CSCw and will be at the Seed Alliance booth on Wednesday to do a demonstration of the prototype. If you are interested to join, please let Carolina Caeiro from LACNIC know, as she is organizing it. 


Help us to spread the word about this development! 


I wish you all the very best at the IGF and safe travels back home to spend Christmas and New Year’s with friends and family. 


Best wishes for 2018!


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