And more positive news, this time about BOSCO in Northern Uganda

Kudos to Tonny and his team.

Cheers... Steve

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Hey All –


Some inspiration for 2018.  For those that were at IGF 2017 - you met Rati and Ucha (also at IGF 2016).  They were key to this project along with our European team.  Many of you met Maarit in December – she is cc’d here!


Onward with the goodness good people!






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Hi All –


Matt Rantanen (Cree Indian and much more) was asked to speak in the closing segment of the IGF.  He is a community builder, CN manager, and a great colleague.


Thanks go to Renata, Judith, Glenn and others who are making sure that indigenous communities have a seat at the table (ISOC and APC helping there, too, along with CNs around the planet).


Recognition of the “Closing words” are here…


"indigenous peoples of the world should have a seat at the table on

Internet governance and be included in the decision-making level of

the process."


I have a vid, but looking for a better one.




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