It happened to me today that Judith kindly supported my proposal for the CN videos, and I was surprised (and embarrased somehow) to find out that I don't recall her (or know her at all).

That made me think that there are so many people in this list that I don't know (and that they don't know me), so I would like to encourage you to share a little bit about yourself so we can understand who are we speaking to when we speak here :)
We should try to send this mail every now and then to ensure everyone that wants to be known is :)

So, respecting my own request, will do my homework and introduce myself, and you can use mine as a template if you want

My name is Nicolas Pace, I'm from Argentina, and my relationship​ with community networks comes because I am part of AlterMundi, an NGO that promotes CNs worldwide.


PS: this may also work as a meter on how engaged we are with dc3 :)
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