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On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 5:57 PM, Leandro Navarro <> wrote:
Hi all, this an activity organised by IEEE in Washington DC with global
orgs such as the World Bank among others.
It would be great to discuss how DC3 can contribute to the WG on
Community Networks. The plan is that Roger and I will participate in the
event, and we can represent DC3, but there’s work to do in the
preparation. Comments? Questions?

Attached more details about the agenda of the event:

April 2017 Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions, 24-25 April 2017
Washington, DC, organized by IEEE, more specifically to participate in
the Community Networks Working Group.

We are now in the preparatory phase. We are in the process of defining
the working methodology, expected outcomes and topics to address, such
as identifying critical issues, critical collective actions to be
discussed, coordinated with other groups, including funders, etc. during
the WS. We would like to hear your opinion in these regards as well as
on how to continue in the preparation phase: would you attend regular
meeting (say weekly)? or you would prefer a mailing list?

So far we are using a pad. Feel free to edit:

For the workshop itself we attach the latest version of the program
(still a draft). You'll see we have a WG meeting, meetings with other
WGs and other orgs involved.

Let us know if you want to participate in the preparation of the event
and in the WG, so we can avoid spamming everyone in this list.

Best regards, Leandro Navarro, Roger Pueyo and Roger Baig.

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