I need to check the cost of flights from Marrakesh to Tunis  

RIGHTCON  June 10-14
ICANN meeting  June 24- 27 
Leave June 23 to Marrakesh 


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On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 2:07 PM Luca Belli <luca.belli@fgv.br> wrote:

Hi all,


Is there any interest in organizing a session proposal for RightsCon 2019 (which will be in Tunis in June)? https://www.rightscon.org/


I think it could be a good venue to present the work we have been developing within DC3 and beyond.


Depending on who is interested in this, we should draft together (by next  Tuesday) :


·         The main goal of the session -> this may be both raising awareness regarding CNs and the dissemination of instructions on how to build them;

·         The post-conference action -> anything we decide to include here, it is surely something we could support and develop via the DC3;

·         The session Description -> this is quite brief: max 1500 characters and, again depends on the angle we decide to adopt;

·         The name of the speakers -> here everyone is welcome but we have to be mindful to avoid “manels” J


Let me know – ideally ASAP – if anyone is interested






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