This gets to the point I’m trying to make in It’s not only about connecting people who aren’t connected at all. That is important, but beyond that, we need to think about connectivity as infrastructure rather than the Internet as something that comes through a pipe.


I realize the challenge since what people are asking for is more of the same – their own phone company or ISP – because that’s the only model they have.


It’s not simply about micro extraction but the very idea that bits are physical things you can charge for. It’s as if they were charging for speech and there was a price for each word. It also means you can’t build a new service or install a monitor or track livestock or monitor crops unless a provider profits and approves. An infrastructure approach doesn’t involve billing-first.


Altermundi’s DIY approach is more in this vein than broadband.


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In Chennai, India, I spoke to someone in an educational institution about starting a Community Network. He argued that access is no longer a problem as Telecom companies offer 3G and 4G services everywhere. He wouldn't listen to arguments concerning the cost and clever pricing models of access that indiscernably amass huge sums by microscopic extraction,  wouldn't listen to arguments about nominal and actual bandwidth.  He and some others take the position that a case does not exist for Community Networks here.


Happens to be an iconic opinion. It is a challenge to present arguments, articles such as this are of ample help.


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