Thanks Raoul,
I will be at serpent cafe at 2

See you

El 21/12/2017 a las 4:35 a. m., Raoul Plommer escribió:
Dear all,

I thought of reminding everyone of our initial goal of creating an interactive website, that would take people's input on their circumstances (location, existing hardware, legal spectrum, amount of people) and give a possible configuration for hardware and software that would be needed to build a community network with those given parameters.

I realize that we are still at the phase of collecting information from community networks from around the globe for this purpose, but we should also start thinking of the next phase, where we start making this data usable in the way I just described.

I think we could be doing this by tagging and categorizing the informational resources we're collecting for our current website, instead of just listing links to external sources.

Since many of us are at the IGF, I think it would be great if we could have a little brainstorming session on this effort.  I think even half an hour around lunchtime would already advance this goal significantly - categorizing information at the collection phase would probably save us a lot of work later, when we'd start to have dozens or even hundreds of documents on our website.

This is the final day and there seems to be an hour gap between 14 and 15. Maybe we could meet at the Serpent cafe?

Hoping to see you there,


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