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Great idea on videos.

There are some excellent CN vids out there already.  Altermundi comes to mind here.


Can we hack a Google Doc (or other means the group would like to use) to create a map of what we know is out there?


We have the help of a great resource until mid-September and we can help pull the data together?




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Hi Glenn and all,


I like the idea but I would propose enlarging the spectrum of video recording participants, if you agree.


There are some truly great experiences/ideas that deserve to be recounted in this coalition and I think that with very little organization (and with you help, of course) we could organize a video recording session to have a DC3 video (or a series of DC# short videos) exploring ideas and experiences on CNs by DC3 members. What do you think?


The UNESCO headquarter (and Paris in general) provide a quite nice setting and many of us will be there in November. We have time to organize some pretty cool video recording J


I would be very happy to participate to the recording but I would be even happier if also other DC3 members wanted to share their experiences. I think the video o videos offer a very good opportunity that is yet quite unexploited.


What do others think?

All the best






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Hi  Luca

I would be happy to film you in person given the  critical feedback.   If you want we can do as a followup to the lecture, not to repeat it but  have strawman questions and you can respond.

I will have my equipment at  ICANN Barcelona and the IGF Paris . You decide


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On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 8:37 AM Luca Belli <luca.belli@fgv.br> wrote:

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the feedback 😊

You are perfectly right regarding the need not to limit CN/network self-determination to marginalised areas. The commons model can fit very well into other realities indeed. However, it is also more common that those who have the initiative to build CNs, and the need to do so, are generally located in areas where connectivity is scarse or very expensive (or discriminatory/non-neutral). Hence my point was simply to highlight the bottom up nature of CNs and the fact that the unconnected can build their own connectivity even when they live in marfinalised areas. I did not me a to limit the potential dimensions or confine CNs only to marginalised communities. (Unfortunately the 13minute format of TEDtalks does not allow to explore every point in detail 😊)

As regards your comment on the fact that connectivity has a cost, you are right again but let me clarify that I was not staying the "CNs are open and free by design" to imply absence of costs but rather to stress absence of restrictions imposed by third parties.
Unfortunately the Engligh language is misleading: although the adjective is the same, I used "free" as in "free speech " rather than "free beer". So, what I meant was liberty rather than gratuity.

Hope this is helpful.
All The best

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Hi Luca,

Thanks for daring to take the floor ;-)

Few comments:

1) we should pay more attention not to marginalise ourselves in our
speeches: CNs (or self-determined networks in your case) are not
limited by nature to underserved areas. It is us (in our speeches)
that may limit them (by mistake) and this is very convenient for some
private interests.

2) in commons: the key point is how the resources are governed under
this model, not if you can join them for free or not (another think
that we have to always keep in mind in our talks is that everything
has a cost, so whatever is realised is paid in one way or another).

Best regards

On 20/7/18 17:21, Luca Belli wrote:
> Hi all,
> As some of you already know, at the end of May, TEDxRoma invited me
> to give a TEDtalk on “From Net Neutrality to Network
> Self-determination”. The video recording of the talk has just been
> released and is now available here
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-xlBqbNzGU
> In the talk I tried to connect and condensate many of the issues we
> have been discussing over the past year. I would like to thank all
> those who have been not only good friends and reliable partners but
> also great source of inspiration over the past years.
> In the talk, I specifically mention four CNs (Nuvem, NWNP, B4RN
> and NYCmesh) as I thought they represent a sample that is
> heterogeneous enough to let the “layman” understand that CNs can
> truly be developed everywhere and with very good results.
> I hope this 13 min video will help raise awareness on the positive
> effects of CN!
> Of course, comments and critiques are more than welcome J
> All the best
> Luca
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