Hi All, Welcome to join session tomorrow! — We’re looking for a story from anywhere that shows how libraries are natural hubs or at least nodes on CN’s. Nominations welcome!


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This will be the 7th in the series, “What is a Library if the Building is Closed?” exploring aspects: internet access, digital services, physical materials and social infrastructure.  Nearly 1,000 people have registered to hear from 18 extraordinary speakers. All recorded and available on Pandemic Response page at GigLibraries.Net

Hope everyone can join to hear from: 
Crosby Kemper, IMLS Director  regarding details on new $30 mil in stimulus funds to flow out through the state library agencies. 

—Julie Walker, GA Librarian will follow with interesting happenings in Peach State.

—Hayford Siaw, Executive Director - Ghana Library Authority 

—Raphaëlle Bats, Relations Internationales ENSSIB, French National Superior School of Information Science and Libraries in Lyon.  In past sessions we’ve heard from Dublin, Copenhagen, Nigeria and Brussels.  

The pandemic is a global challenge that calls for global responses at the local level.  Valuable stories and clever projects are welcome from anywhere.  

You’re invited to send questions in advance, as well as topics for discussion and interesting projects to showcase directly to info@GigLibraries.Net

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*sessions are recorded for posting and archived open playback.

See you there!
Don Means
Gigabit Libraries Network